Switch Zoey

I would describe myself as an exotic, intelligent and confident Puerto Rican princess. A feisty Latina, fluent in Spanish who’s known for being rebellious and wild and now with the title of Switch. My sadistic dominant side and my bratty submissive side make me the perfect sensual sadist.

I aim to make your experience unforgettable. Allow yourself to be vulnerable to me and my desires. Bow down to me, respect me and surrender yourself completely to my command. My sadist nature is psychological and your humiliation and struggle bring me great pleasure. I have quite a wicked and creative imagination, can you handle it?

Are you in need of punishment? Whether it’s impact play, cbt, or a caning, I will be delighted to remind you of your place. I also enjoy humiliation and walking all over my slaves. Let me trample you while you watch me giggle sadistically at your pain and screams. I promise you will love the evil look in my eye.

Let’s play a game of tease and denial, I love to see the torture in your eyes and laugh at your despair. If you please me, I might let you worship every inch of my beautiful long legs or my perfectly pedicured size 8 feet. Relish in the feeling of having such a pleasure, it does not come easy.

My sensual side loves to create unique sensations with the combination of the pinwheel, ice, hot wax and my sharp nails against your skin that will have you in complete bliss. I will restrain you and watch you squirm and struggle with every touch. Will I be cruel or will you earn my gentle caress?

I am incredibly bratty and my submission does not come easy. Do you have what I takes to tame me? I love to struggle in restraints and bondage, tie me up and watch me try to escape or tickle me and while I squirm and squeal. Maybe you prefer the snap of a crop against my skin or a good strong flogging. Whatever your punishment, I am here to receive. Although I may not be naturally submissive, if you’re up for the challenge I promise you won’t be disappointed.