Submissive Yumi

Good day to you Sir, I am a 24/7 lifestyle sub who is new to the pro-sub scene. I am Korean and Japanese by heritage and though I am intrinsically obedient in nature, I still require more training to achieve my goal of full submission. Since I am still a novice here at The Dominion, I like to start play with light to medium intensity while we build up to the excitement of pushing my limits. Whether it is relishing the sharp sting of pain, or relinquishing myself to the role of your choosing, our time together will remain rooted in sacred sincerity.

Enjoy my squeals of delight as you tickle my sensitive feet, or the tears in my eyes as you spank my bottom from a blushing pink to a rosey red. When it comes to impact play I am privy to the force of a bare hand, crop, flogger, and paddle as punishment. My one goal is to please you, Sir. I hunger for your approval and wish to dive deeper into sub-space under your direction.

I can be your affectionate little princess or, if you prefer to use a heavier hand, a misbehaving school girl who needs to be taught a stern lesson. My thirst for adventure, love for BDSM, and youthful curiosity knows no judgement– only the utmost respect and interest for your fantasies. I am eager to experience all there is to know about the diverse kinks and fetishes that make this community so special. So please enjoy my playful enthusiasm for discovering your deepest desires, Sir, as we let go of the extraneous worries of the world and float together in the middle of a genuine moment– our present.