Switch Valentine

My adorable 5″0″ stature and sweet smile glimmering with braces insidiously disguise a sensual, sadistic, skilled, and worst of all curious provocateur. Taking pleasure in pain is no new concept to me whether it be on the giving or receiving end.

As your Top: As a lifestyle Dominant Switch, you can trust that I take the art of domination very seriously, guaranteeing that you will always be safe to explore your innermost sanctum of kink and fetish. Surrender yourself to me and experience the sweet bliss that is submission. Lose yourself in my capable hands and together W/we can bring your most secretive desires into fruition.

My fetishes and trained skills include, but are NOT limited to: Spanking – Crops – Canes – Paddles – Singletails – Kidnapping – Interrogation – Tease & Denial – Rope – Leather – Latex – Mummificiation – Slave Training- Sensation play – High Protocol – Nipple torture – Humiliation – CBT – Flogging / Florentine – Wax – Smoking – Sissification – Crossdressing – Puppy Play – Tickling – Predicament Play – Sensory Deprivation

As your bottom: I am a sweet yet bratty and playful little girl who could benefit from some tough love. I may be small, but I absolutely revel in pain. I adore the heavy and thuddy impact from good and proper flogging. I love the warmth left behind after a firm spanking. I yearn for the sweet, stinging bite that can only be delivered by a riding crop. I’m absolutely the type of girl who needs to be put in line – are you up for the challenge?

Now tell me, do you need a demanding authoritarian or an obedient, unquestioning slave girl? Are you going to be the perfect plaything for this sweet little sadist or will you bring out the most stubborn masochist in me? How far will you go to please me? What must I do to please you? L/let’s feel out those limits together, shall W/we? Come be devious with me…