Submissive Trixie

Dear Sir,

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page. As this is my very first time being a professional submissive, I would love to be shown the ropes.

I want to be your doe eyed dream doll. A spritely light player, with large natural breasts and a plump bottom in need of the firm smack of your strong hands. With my luscious pout, beauty marked upper lip, exquisite bone structure, and effervescent smile, I am eager to fulfill your every fantasy, no matter how wicked. Naturally very playful, I am in need of training to be a good little submissive, as I can also be a bit mischievous. Will you be the one to tame me at last?

My long, wild brunette tresses are just begging to be pulled with a firm grip. Would you like to humiliate me, sir? You can walk me around like a kitty and show me off to all your friends. I love to role play too. Maybe a naughty school girl who broke the rules in class? Or a French maid who didn’t do a good enough job polishing the silver? I will wiggle and writhe enthusiastically while restrained, and may even try to escape. Whomever you desire me to be, I cannot wait to give in to the every sensuous or intellectual fantasy, as I surrender all control. I am very ticklish, maybe a little too much so. My pretty size 8 feet are extremely sensitive, and responsive to even the lightest touch. Would you like to see how much I can take?

I hope to test my limits with you, and help every dream become a vibrant reality.