Submissive Tabitha

Your every need is my absolute pleasure! I am a lifestyle submissive, and though it’s been a while, no stranger to the pro scene. If you are looking for an ecstatic experience that transcends the mundane realms of human experience, then look no further. As a certified love coach/bodyworker, I am basically a kinky, eros loving nerd!

Using breath and movement, I am able to hold space for a variety of scenarios, and my goal is to see how far I can push my mental bound(eries) as a road to true freedom. I long to be on my knees before you; absorbing and delighting in your power. Let me sit at your feet while we cultivate energy together. Turn me over and spank my behind, or better yet, breath with me while you flog my needy cheeks and watch me writhe with pleasure. Nothing turns me on more than a playful face slapping to put me in my place. I love laughing too and adore being tickled! Are you into bondage? Mmmmm… Yes, please! I love dressing slutty and diving consciously into the realm of fantasy. Lets create our own trashy romance novel together!

I look forward to creating a space for you where you can taste the freedom of complete acceptance. Tell me what you want…