Switch Stormy

When the Storm comes… will you be ready?

I have been an obedient submissive at The Dominion for over a year. Now, as a switch, it’s time to unleash the Dominant side of my personality. I’m in my element as a sensual Domina, using a sweet whisper to convey this quick-thinking Mistress’s fiendish creativity. No desire is too big or too small when it comes to spinning a web of imaginative delights. Allow me to bring your most cherished fantasy to life with intricately detailed, vivid descriptions of your dream scenes.

However, this dreamy sensuality is but a small part of my repertoire. Have you been a naughty sub? Expect to be turned over my knee and given a bare-handed spanking you won’t soon forget. If that doesn’t teach you, I’ll employ my “teaching assistants” – a flogger and a crop. Don’t test me or you’ll get the cane, too!

Are you the kind of lowly slave who loves to idolize a Domina’s feet? You can show your dedication by worshiping my shapely size 6.5 feet in their silky stockings. My delicate ankles, prominent veins, and dainty toes will inspire your adoration – or else!

Do you like to wear lacy lingerie and makeup? Do you want to be humiliated and laughed at while you primp? I delight in crossdressers and forced feminization – let me transform you into the fierce creature you are. For the theatrically-inclined, there’s nothing I love more than engaging in an improvisational roleplay. So many possibilities: police officer/prisoner, boss/employee, kidnapper/hostage, professor/wayward student… Let your imagination run wild, and allow me to play the part you’ve dreamed of.

Place yourself into my capable hands for a tactile experience to remember. Love sensation play? I love to wield cold ice, hot wax, or a tingly pinwheel! Want to be tickled until you scream? My long nails will delight you as they trace your most ticklish spots! Bondage & restraints, CBT & trampling, Smothering, Impact play… these are just some of my favorites. Do you think you have what it takes to serve Mistress Stormy?

You will find that, as Your submissive, I am eager to yield to Your desires. A former Catholic schoolgirl, I know how to follow all the rules – but sometimes I can be bratty, and nothing serves to correct my defiance faster than the thrill of a bare hand on my round behind. I am a light to medium player who enjoys restraints & bondage, tickling, roleplay, ageplay, slave training, pet play, games & challenges, sensation play, NT, and impact play. You might even wish to blindfold me & pull a fistful of my long, brunette hair – please do! I love to be taught a good lesson by one of our skilled Switches or Dominas – or to join them in creating an exciting, engaging scene for you!

Special wardrobe or other requests can be fulfilled with advance notice.