Mistress Remy

How are you going to satisfy me today? So many wicked choices…

I take great pleasure in inflicting pain. I crave a boy who craves a caning. Is that you? I’m a masterfully skilled and a striking Domme. Or perhaps you deserve to be punished with a crop, a flogger, or are my wicked words all it will take to put you in your place? Oh, how I dream of punishing you. You will be validated in my service.

Perhaps I torture your nipples endlessly while calculating my next move. My firm hand is made for punishing naughty boys with a firm spanking by placing them over my knee. While you admire the view of my long, elegant legs, I’ll bestow upon you the punishment we both know that you deserve.

You can be my slave and answer my every command, my puppy, my prisoner, or my little sissy doll to dress up. Do your best to impress me. Hold yourself to a proper standard and you may be rewarded with my request to worship my long and smooth legs and perfectly pedicured feet.

I’m not always stern – I am also a fun loving and compassionate player. I would be elated to cuff you down and tickle you senseless. I find pleasure in the discovery of your senses. I want to study your reactions as I trace my pinwheel along your skin, and introduce you to a world of intense sensuality with the use of cold, dripping ice and melting hot wax.

I am a girl next door with a kinky side who would love to bring your deepest fantasies to fruition. I love to role play! It’s so much fun to become the character you’ve dreamed about. We can play professor/student, cop/suspect, superhero/villain, mad scientist/test subject. Food? Balloons? How creative can you get?

I am always excited to educate those new to the world of fetishes and BDSM. I can teach you ways to ignite passion with your partner back home. I can teach you girly boys how to walk in stilettos and apply makeup. Whatever you are curious about, I am here to help you safely bring your fantasy to fruition.

I play at all levels from light beginners to heavy veterans. I want to share a freeing, fun, and mutually respectful experience with you. Come and escape the world with me.