Submissive Raven

Hello Sir,

You may find me mysterious with my spellbound dark eyes and beautiful long dark hair for you to pull on when I misbehave. Or perhaps you are intrigued by my Latina and Native American roots. Although I am new to the scene, I like bondage, role playing, especially super hero and school girl scenes. Perhaps you can punish this unruly vixen with some flogging.

I am always eager to explore new experiences and get especially excited to test my limits. My adventurous personality needs discipline to keep me in order. I tend to get a little defiant with authority figures and may need some spanking to put me in check… throw me over your knees and set me straight. Or perhaps I can entertain you with belly dancing, I just love to sway my hips and dance for a wonderful master.

What are your fantasies and how may I serve you? Let’s play and explore our imaginations! I will be here waiting for you.