Submissive Ramona

Thank you for viewing my page, Sir. I am new to professional submission but eager to learn how to please you. I am a light player who looks forward to exploring and discovering my as yet unknown limits.

I am six feet tall in my stockinged feet, and taller than most men in my highest heels, but I am quick to fall to my knees and eager to gratify your every command. I have long, toned legs and lanky arms that end in delicate, tapered fingers, providing all the more space for you to ornament with your ropes and restraints.

My lightly colored green eyes will meet yours in ecstasy or look downwards in total deference and respect. I have a sturdy and fleshy behind and spankings make me tremble with excitement. I yearn to explore sensations of temperature and touch, to experience whatever delicious torments you can concoct. Tickle me until I squeal or punish me until I cry for my own salvation.

I am a dreamy live-for-the-moment individual, easily enthralled and happiest when totally absorbed in fantasy and pleasure. I’m game to try any and every roleplaying scenario. I am warmhearted and cuddly as a little girl, sensual and doting as your mute slave girl, shy and obedient as a virgin, headstrong and impudent as your personal secretary or sparring colleague. I am a former real life naughty school girl who ended up in detention weekly. Then as now I accepted my discipline with honesty and a cheeky smile.

I look forward to delighting your every whim, Sir.