Submissive Peaches

Dear Master or Mistress,

Thank You for taking the time to read my bio. My passion for Kink and BDSM has been long in the making.

As a true submissive, I am very eager to learn all the proper and diverse ways to please my Master or Mistress. I long to be told what to do and punished when I’ve been a bad girl.

My curly blond hair is soft and silky and a pleasure to pull. I have very sensitive creamy white skin that blushes and turns pink when played with. I am extremely ticklish and will giggle and wiggle when teased with a feather or soft hands.

I am a light to medium player and adore most all implements especially a flogger or crop, though I must admit a firm hand is my favorite.

I am playful, coy, and sensual and very engaged when it comes to role play. Some of my favorite roles are a bashful schoolgirl, a misbehaving secretary or babysitter, and/or a seductive French maid (as I speak French fluently).

I am eagerly awaiting your arrival and looking forward obeying your every command.