Submissive Nicole

Hello Sir,

I may be new to Dominion but I’m not new to this lifestyle. I am a submissive 24/7 in my personal life and I’m excited to submit to your desires as well.

I am a feisty mix of Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Italian, and at 5’3″, I’m a little hourglass with curves in all the right places. My ample bottom is ripe for your hand, but will it be pain or pleasure? My bratty little masochistic side would love to challenge you and have you put me in my place, my sweet little pet side wants to bend to your every whim. Which side will you coax out? I’m a medium player who can take whatever punishment you think I deserve, a slave for your direction and a pet begging for your praise.

Does role-playing peak your interest? Who would you like me to be? Perhaps I’ve been a bad student and I need your firm hand to set me straight Mr. Principal, or perhaps I’m a stray pet who needs an alpha Master to be my lead? Maybe daddy just wants to spend time with his doting little girl, and if I backtalk then I’ll need to be punished of course. Whatever you crave is my pleasure or pain, you decide.

If there is something certain you would like me to dress up as, please let me know so I may do my best to serve your will. I look forward to serving at your feet!