Submissive Naomi

The first things you’ll notice about me are my curvaceous yet athletic figure and my toasted caramel complexion. As a former track & field star, I’d love to show you just how flexible I am and how my training has formed my well rounded bottom.

Would you like to tickle me? It’s absolute torture but I love the high I feel when you finally give me a little break. I can’t wait for you to work your way up and down my body to find my most sensitive areas while I giggle, moan and squirm with delight

What fun scenarios can we act out together? Perhaps you’d like me to be your wayward school girl or tempting ebony slave… I enjoy all role play. Your pleasure is mine.

Although I aim to please, I’m not always perfect so do feel free to punish me with a spanking. The thought of laying across your lap and feeling your strong warm hand slap my supple behind gets me very excited. Though tanned, my skin still manages to turn bright red. I’m also a big fan of flogging and cropping. I beg you to take me to my limit, sir!

Are you into bondage? I’d love for you to see how my body looks in rope and how once you restrain me, I’m completely owned by you. Whether tied up or strapped down, I will do as you wish and thoroughly enjoy myself in the process.

As an obedient submissive, what pleases me most is seeing the the look of satisfaction on your face, sir! Hearing your verbal approval drives me absolutely wild. I look forward to fulfilling your desires!