Submissive Molly

Dear Sir,

I’m a former Catholic schoolgirl — the kind who broke rules but seldom got caught, and never received the discipline she craved. Perhaps you can remedy this?

Though a novice at the Dominion, I have years of experience in the kinky lifestyle. My education in the arts of corporal punishment came at the hands of strict English disciplinarians, who trained this unruly American lass to submit to the sting of the tawse and slipper. Traditional implements and protocols excite me, but I can be quite inventive. Whether your fantasy is academic, domestic, judicial or entirely your own, I’ll follow your lead with enthusiasm and imagination.

By turns penitent and playful, I have a rebellious streak that calls for swift correction from a no-nonsense authority figure. My razor tongue and insolent stare get me into trouble sometimes, but I surrender sweetly to punishment. I’m a medium player who thrives under stern treatment.

Indulge my experimental side, and you’ll find me infinitely curious and eager to learn. I have an agile mind ready to explore the mental edges of power exchange. My body is devilishly ticklish and sensitive, even as it longs for pain. Wherever you choose to dedicate your attentions, my fair skin makes a lovely canvas for the torments you inflict.

Do you have a firm hand and exacting standards? I look forward to a trip across your knee, sir. I promise I deserve it.