Mistress Marina

I see you are intrigued by me. Are you willing to surrender yourself to me, body and soul? If you choose to be my property, you can expect to feel completely safe to explore your cross dressing fantasies if you have them. I will be your professional stylist and makeup artist, and treat you like the little sissy slut you are.

My philosophy of domination through corporal play and punishment is to deliver every blow with love and positive Goddess energy. I check in, but not so often that it’s distracting to the scene. I am not personally especially fond of heavy corporal play, but I do lift weights and have been known to bruise asses with only bare handed spankings if heavy play is what you desire. I may look strong, but I am even stronger than I look. My favorite corporal methods are flogging, caning after a good warm up, corporal mixed with sensual cropping, and giving bare-handed spankings.

My favorite corporal role play scenarios are teacher/student, lady boss/personal assistant, celebrity/entourage member, interrogator/captured spy, and super heroine/evil super villain. I like most role plays except for age play. I am an excellent role player, so if you have a specific role play scenario in mind, we can always discuss that in the interview.

My bondage favorites include creating body harnesses that also have a CBT component (you’ll have to have a session to see how that works). If you are female, you’ll love what I can do with nothing but a piece of rope. Of course, body harnesses don’t really restrain, so to restrain you I like to hog tie or tie you spread eagle to an iron cross or bondage table.

One of my very favorite types of play is CBT. I am very artistic and “crafty.” My superb dexterity is used in many artistic and devious ways for the most exquisite sensations that will take you to the edge and back, until you lose total control of yourself. It’s a good thing you’ll most likely be restrained.

My other fetishes include wax play, fire and ice, tease and denial, body worship, and puppy play. Plastic wrap mummification is something I enjoy doing in combination with wax play and ice or alone. I like to gag you and watch you drool. I have my own set of toys for nipple torture that are very playful and fun. I like to knock clothes pins off of nipples for fun.

My favorite sessions are playful and sensual, with an “ouch” factor that’s just right for you in the moment. I respect boundaries when you are in sub space. Never hold back expressing your boundaries, even if you forgot to mention them in an interview (It happens. I am very powerful and can be intimidating). Even a heavier corporal session can be delivered with a sense of fun and playfulness (unless you want me to be a bitch, which I can be).