Submissive Margot

It’s scary being the new girl! I may look fierce with my tattoos and cropped hair, but I promise I’m all bark and no bite.

I’m half-Asian, and a slender and sensual five foot four. I weigh a little over a hundred pounds, so perfectly sized for being tossed around during light role play. With my bronzed, olive complexion, dark hair and golden brown eyes, I’ll make an exotic pet for one lucky owner.

I love bondage, rope especially, and all sorts of impact toys. If floggers, paddles and crops aren’t your favorite, a good, old fashioned spanking or tickle session will still have this kitten rolling on the floor, purring in gratitude. Though occasionally bratty, I can be coaxed to behave. Come meet me and I hope you stay to play. I’ll sit patiently if you ask me too, but please don’t keep me waiting long.