Switch Margot

Pick your poison. As a lifestyle switch, I live to serve or be served.

Do you yearn to be commanded? I’m happy to oblige. Let me call the shots and tie the knots as a shibari enthusiast. Ask nicely and I’ll grant you permission to adore every inch of my olive skin, from the top of my dark-haired head down to my perfectly slender and manicured feet. Worship me or simply be humbled at my stockinged legs and stiletto heels. I won’t stop until there’s nothing in your head but the smell of leather on skin and the sweet taste of subjugation.

Want to pick up the flogger? Let me serve you. Chastise and punish me for failings with a bare hand, stern crop or leather paddle. Tie me up or lash me to a bondage table. Watch me quiver in anticipation waiting for that droplet of hot wax on my breast or shriek as you locate all my ticklish spots. Imagine the thrilling and fulfilling delight as we act out your darkest fantasies. Are you not so serious? Explore my playful side. I’m half-Asian, and a slender and sensual five foot four, so perfectly sized for being tossed around during light role play.

Whether your desires are to be dominant, dominated or a little of both, I’m ready and eager to play.