Switch Mallory

They call me mean, sexy, crazy, and adorable. For those of you who don’t know me, come decide for yourself…

In my 2 years here, I have been well trained by my lovely Masters and Mistresses of The Dominion. I know what it takes to be a top notch slave and serve well. So, if you plan on being my bottom, you can count on high expectations.

I relish torture: giving and receiving. One of my favorite ways to serve is by becoming a helpless play-thing for Master. I love sensation play, corporal, sadistic games and having new experiences. I am extremely ticklish, but be warned: if you switch, I am a diabolic tickle monster!

If you are serving me, I won’t let you become lazy; Training, discipline, corporal punishment and reward will be used to ensure your success in pleasing me. If you long for pain and degradation, I will happily provide. If you are worthy, you may worship and massage my slender, size 7 1/2 feet. Maybe you will be lucky enough to become my trampoline! We can have some fun exchanging power through role play. If you wish for more sensual dominance, let go and let me take you on a journey…

I am 5’5″, loud, giggly and wild. I am a light to medium player. If you think you can contain and train me, then go right ahead…but don’t be surprised if I fight back.

I love to teach and share my passion of BDSM. I will gladly help you explore by yourself or with a partner. I am an experimentalist at heart and I want to try anything and everything. Let’s work together to bring your fantasies to life. Don’t be afraid to share your darkest and most creative ideas.

*Latex, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn cosplay available upon email request.*