Switch Mallory

You may have previously known me as submissive mila, but that little lady is gone and the beast is out of its cage. I am a lifestyle player, and I am collared and owned. I have been well trained by my Dom and my lovely Masters and Mistresses at The Dominion. I know what it takes to be a top notch slave and serve well. So, if you plan on being my bottom, you can count on high expectations.

I relish torture: giving and receiving. There is nothing like being bound and defenseless. One of my favorite ways to serve is by becoming a helpless play thing for Master. However, if you are serving me, I won’t let you become lazy; Training, discipline, corporal punishment and reward will be used to ensure your success in pleasing me.

If you are worthy, you may worship and massage my slender, size 7 1/2 feet. We can have some fun exchanging power through role play; I can be your damsel in distress, or you can be mine. I love playing pretend. Did I catch you speeding and do you want to try and get out of the ticket? You can be a naughty little child or my puppy dog. Let go and let me care for you.

I am 5’5″, loud, giggly and wild. I am a light to medium player. If you think you can contain and train me, then go right ahead… but don’t be surprised if I fight back.

I am an experimentalist at heart and I want to try anything and everything. Let’s work together to bring your fantasies to life. Don’t be afraid to share your darkest and most creative ideas.

*Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn cosplay available upon email request.*