Submissive Maggie

Submissive Maggie is a cute, outgoing, fun loving young college girl! A California native, she has striking blue eyes, sandy hair, and a petite figure. She loves to learn new things and is easy to train to your liking. She’s happy to be bent over and have her soft little bubbly bottom spanked with your hand or instrument of your choosing. She’s also very ticklish, tie down and tickle her from head to toe, with a variety of sensitive spots you’ll have her squealing and laughing till she can hardly breathe!

She loves to cater to her master’s needs. As an avid dancer with a passion for burlesque, she’s always happy to put on a private show! Make her really serve you; order her around like a dog, a maid, or a slave. Pose her how you’d like, use her as a footstool, pinch her, tie her up and leave her as long as you want, if she complains you can punish her with a good flogging. Maggie also has a naughty little fetish, she loves feet! Get her exited by letting her wash and worship your feet.

Maggie also really loves to dress up and role play, with a variety of costumes and a background in improve she’s bound to be able to suit even the most unusual tastes. She’s a very open minded girl, so feel free to ask her about almost any scenario, even the more taboo ones. Some of her costumes include French maid, pinup sailor girl, hula dancer, Arabian princess, school girl, showgirl, and secretary.

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