Mistress Lulu

Demanding, contemptuous and decidedly in charge.

I insist on total obedience and the utmost respect. Serve Me well and the rewards will be bliss… Transgression will bring instant punishment and regret. Understood?

I’m a petite Mistress with large, expressive eyes and commanding gaze. With 5 years experience in the commercial scene, I have grown to appreciate and respect BDSM in all of its diverse psychological and aesthetic forms. Each of my scenes are tailored to match the organic energy between my slave and I. From a sensual tease and denial session, to even the most strict and severe of punishments, Mistress Lulu will leave an impression on you.

I enjoy playing at all levels. From the most seasoned of players to the anxious and scaredy cat novices, you will be safe in my capable hands. My interests are varied, but I do have definite preferences:

Role Play

Foot fetish: are you worthy of worshiping My pedicured, size 6 feet? I have dainty ankles and perfectly toned legs. you will serve well as My footstool and appreciate my sharp heels digging into your back.

Impact play: The sound of a leather crop or whip as it kisses flesh elicits a wonderful, seeping pain in your heart and mind. Florentine flogging, paddles, and straps are a favorite of mine.

Spanking: My hand can produce the gentlest of spankings. Of course, when Mistress is inspired I can be more severe! I love seeing an ass turn red as my slaves surrender themselves under my strong hand. As much as I enjoy administering them. Nothing pleases me more than to order a grown man to bend over my knee while I deliver a sturdy spanking.

Bondage: I like to tie up submissive men and let them know exactly who is in charge. Rope carries a sweet spot in my heart due to the literal and figurative impressions it can leave on a slave. I find a hogtied slave to be the most fun to poke and prod at.

Mummification/sensory deprivation: I love wrapping my submissive in layers of cling wrap. I enjoy being able to facilitate my bottom’s descent into a meditative state with the most attention and care.

Tickling: I am a relentless and merciless tickler! I love to have my slaves bound and helpless while teasing their back with my long, red fingernails. Seeing the look of panic in their eyes when they know they are right about to get it puts a twinkle in My eye.

Age play/ ABDL craving some attention as a little? Age play carries a special place in my heart for its more wholesome and playful qualities. Mistress loves to play with baby boys. Do you crave a warm, nurturing Mommy, or a strict, mean Dommy Mommy? Perhaps both?

Humiliation: how far are you willing to go to keep mistress Lulu amused and entertained? Would you like to prance around in pink panties? Be ordered to walk on all fours on a short leash? Or perhaps mistress should “blackmail” you into performing humiliating tasks.

Other classic favorites of mine are: CBT, ball-busting, Nipple Torture, wax, smothering, cross dressing / sissification, puppy play (woof!), Role Play and much more…