Switch Lulu

Being someone who never shies away from new experiences, I am genuinely thrilled to have recently earned the title of “Switch” to my repertoire. I have no desire to limit my life experiences or roles in all aspects of my existence; the art of kink is no exception.

I’m a petite, fun loving Latina with large, expressive eyes and equally captivating gaze. My long, colored locks, paired with my colorful tattoo artwork accentuate my exotic look.

I appreciate and respect BDSM in all of its psychological, aesthetic and diverse forms. With that being said I’ll look forward to hearing your beloved desires and kinky secrets.

Through my training, I have developed a liking to floggers, crops, paddles and other forms of impact play. Nothing pleases me more than to order a grown man to bend over or sit across my lap while I deliver a sturdy spanking or paddling. As a bottom I especially enjoy a thorough, barehanded OTK spanking myself!

Foot fetish enthusiast? Then you will adore my dainty, pedicured size 6 feet. High heels or bare, you will cower beneath me while I walk all over you. Did I forget to mention that my feet are extremely ticklish? Tickle sessions are always guaranteed fun. And all the more fun when one is bound and helpless.

As a bottom, I’m a light to medium player who naturally likes to push boundaries.

Through my personal and professional exploration into BDSM and fetishes, I have grown genuinely fond of bondage: restraints, discipline and roleplay to name a few. I’m excited to explore further and discover new kinky thrills and kicks!

Please email me in advance for wardrobe requests or if you have any further questions. Let this fetish fun begin!