Submissive Lucille

Hello Sir,

I am a 26-year-old submissive with amber eyes, a fair completion, and strawberry blonde hair. My Rubenesque figure serves as a curvaceous playground for all flavors of play.

Truly living in the moment is often difficult with the many distractions of life, and that’s where I come in. Let’s escape reality and enter your fantasy. I’m a kinky girl at heart – and a total pleaser. If you’re into it, I’m into it. I love seeing how far our imaginations can take us and what kinds of naughty deeds will be done in the process.

As a light to medium submissive player, my likes and specialties include…

Role Play: My favorite thing about BDSM is that you can be whoever you want to be! I can be your hot new neighbor, a bratty student, your pet kitten, a helpless hostage, your naughty maid, a seductive slave, or the superhero you manage to defeat.

Tickle Play: I’m a girl who loves to loves to laugh, have fun, and feel that spine-tingling tickle sensation all over my body. Can you find all of my ticklish spots?

Spanking/Flogging/Paddle Play: Nothing puts a smile on my face faster than a heavy hand on my ample bottom.

Bondage: Tie me up and make me your own personal ornament. Let’s put some ropes, chains, and cuffs to good use.

Servitude: You deserve to be treated like a King. No request is too grand or too small, but I wonder what will you do if I disobey?

Bimbofication: A girl doesn’t always have to think. I don’t mind smacking my gum and agreeing with everything you say, because you’re like SO cool and stuff…

Balloon Play: I can blow them up, tie them, pop them, deflate them, play with them… balloons are so much fun!

We’re both here to have fun, so let’s play! Please message me 2-3 days before our session for a costume request. I’ll be waiting!