Switch Lily

As a longtime submissive both at The Dominion and in my personal life, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to explore the full range of BDSM as a switch!

As both a dominant and submissive, I am a lover of many types of physical and psychological play…or, even better, physical impact play and bondage as a tool to unlock your deepest psychological desires. A good old-fashioned hand spanking is one of my favorites for the personal connection it provides, whether it’s your bottom or mine turning a lovely shade of red!

Paddles, floggers, crops, and canes are all exciting implements for pleasure and pain. As a bottom, I’m a strong medium player, and I enjoy a good caning from skilled tops who have earned the privilege. As a top, I am deceptively strong despite my slender and eager frame, thanks to years of dance and yoga training—so if you deserve a punishment, you can expect to receive a true one!

Bondage has always been one of my favorite elements of BDSM; I enjoy the sensuous feel of ropes against my skin, whether those ropes are binding your flesh or mine. I am also extremely ticklish…can you find my most ticklish spots? I look forward to finding yours as well! Roleplay is another favorite of mine…I’ve been the naughty schoolgirl many times, but now I am excited to turn the tables and play the stern headmistress, the powerful CEO, or any other role my submissive in need of discipline and I can dream up.

As a top, I’m also eager to explore new fantasies with my submissives. Do you dream of being dressed up in frilly lingerie and red lipstick? Do you want to worship my delicate size 7 ½ feet…or would you rather feel my stiletto heels digging against your flesh? Let’s explore together!

From my years as a submissive, I truly understand your desire to relinquish control. I know just how to fulfill your submissive fantasies with compassion and a capable hand. And, of course, I still love to indulge my own submissive side and make your fantasies come to life.