Mistress Lex

Welcome to the profile of Mistress Lex White.

While you are here, on this page, do you sense Me behind you, watching, My finger tips lightly trailing up and down your arms as you scroll through My biography, as you linger on My pictures, as you play My videos?

When you arrive to see Me at The Dominion there will be a chance for negotiations; you have the opportunity to petition Me for time and skills. What will you request? Are you looking for High Protocol or silly and fun? Do you want Me to make you quiver with anticipation or shove you to the ground and beat you mercilessly as soon as you walk into the room? Shall I tickle you until you beg for breath? There are so many delicious ways for Me to play with you.

Be aware, I value proper manners and etiquette; common courtesy will be expected when you serve and address Me unless otherwise negotiated during our interview.

Are you curious about pain? Do you know that you love it? My impact toys of choice are riding crops, floggers, canes and my hands. If requested, paddles, straps, leather restraints, rope, harnesses, collars, leashes, pinwheels and more can be included in your time with Me. Will you bear My marks? Will it be My hands or toys that mark you? I can slap your face and pinch your body, you only have to beg.

Sensationally, ice is a favorite of Mine, especially when combined with hot wax. The faces that you’ll make as I watch you squirm beneath Me, your breathing, your begging, will tell Me everything I need to know as I tease you. You’ll love seeing the smile on My face as I work on you, finding all of the best places to touch and torment and tease.

Role play is quite enjoyable and an escape from the structure of the dungeon; from real life situations to the completely unbelieveable, I can create the world of fantasy that you’re looking for, send an email and let Me know the world you want to serve Me in.

I’d like to know so many things about you, like how sadistic I can be with you. Will you get excited when I laugh at you? I’ll bring in my friends to point and laugh and humiliate you. Do you want to find out how many of My toes can fit in your mouth? I do.

New ways to play are always exciting; what have you fantasized about when you’ve looked at My pictures? Send Me an email, tell Me all about what you imagine when you think of our time together. The first step is yours to make.

I’m waiting. So check the schedule. Make the call. Ask the Desk Mistress if Mistress Lex is available.