Mistress Lex

Welcome to Lex’s Profile.

I’ve been expecting you. How long has it been since you’ve seen me? How long have you been able to view my pictures and fantasize about what might happen if you made the call and asked the Desk Mistress, “Is Lex available?” Is it time to take that step? Do you know what you want?

There are so many interesting ways to spend our time together. Do you like implement play? Spanking and flogging are my favorite and, if you’re interested, I love to use my personal cane on my favorite submissives. Will you bear my marks?

Sensation play is another exciting way to connect, I can learn all sorts of things about a person when playing with sensations; just like you can learn a lot about me. Do you gasp as I run ice all over your body? Where are your most ticklish places? I know mine. How hot can you stand the wax? Of course, there are other ways to play with sensation; like my satin gloves running over your skin followed by a pinwheel. Feathers caressing a warmed, pink bottom. Will the sensation make you jump? I’d like to know. Would you?

I’d like to know so many things about you, like how sadistic I can be with you. Will you get excited when I laugh at you? I’ll bring in my friends to point and laugh and humiliate you if you’d like. Do you want to find out how many of my toes can fit in your mouth? I would.

New ways to play are always exciting; what have you fantasized about when you’ve looked at my pictures? So send me an email, tell me all about what you imagine when you think of our time together. I’d love to help make it happen.

I’m waiting. So check the schedule. Make the call. Ask the Desk Mistress if you can see Lex.