Switch Leslie

As your Dominant: My hands are very capable of giving the most sweet and tender of touches, but can easily turn into the most torturous little things. Whether it’s a playful spanking, lighthearted tickling, all the way to a serious caning, you’ll be in for a treat.

I love when you take pain for me. I have a very strong sadistic streak, and I love when my slave wants to please me, and works hard to show it. I do not stand for disobedience. If you dare to test that, I promise you’ll be punished. I expect you to listen, I do not like to repeat myself. All impact play makes me happy, especially caning and flogging. I love giving a good old fashioned spanking.

I enjoy age play, especially being your stern Mommy, Aunty, or baby sitter. We need to make sure you understand why you need to behave! I’ll put you over my knee for a very loving, but firm lesson.

I enjoy getting into your head and understanding why you’re here to see me. It’s important to me that we have good chemistry and you’re receiving some sort of catharsis and getting what you came for. I have the utmost respect for my submissive, and I expect the same in return. I expect you to communicate properly with me, so that we can achieve this together. I want us to create a healthy space for us both to get deep into your most taboo fantasies.
I have a very soft spot for helping women, men, and couples feel comfortable in their kink and in their bodies. Helping you expose yourself and love yourself in a safe, caring place is very important to me. You should never feel ashamed of your kinks!

I love my little sissy boys/girls. I want to doll you up, have some girl talk, and make you walk the catwalk for me. Maybe I’ll humiliate you for loving how soft those panties are.

I love having my size 9, manicured feet worshiped. How good are you at massages? Only the best are allowed to touch…

As your submissive: If you’re lucky, you might get to turn the tables! I’m naturally very sassy as a bottom, but for the right dominant, I can be subdued. There’s nothing I love more than a nice, firm spanking! And you can be sure I deserve it.

I love role playing and making your favorite ideas come to life. Sensation play is a favorite, as well. Being blindfolded while I feel a feather or a finger brushing my porcelain skin, every so lightly… I’m also VERY ticklish! The slightest touch can send me into a screaming fit of giggles.

Email me your best ideas…