Submissive Leslie

Hello Sir or Mistress,

I’m eager for the chance to meet you. I’m an easily trainable submissive, for the right dominant. I can be very bratty and mischievous, but with a patient, firm hand, I will submit to both of our delight.

I can be a heavy player, with someone who has built a solid foundation of trust.

I love being spanked and paddled until my bottom is rosy red and I’m begging you to stop. But I definitely need to be disciplined, because I wiggle and try to run away like a naughty little girl! I very much enjoy being canned, slowly, so I have time to take in every sensation.

I like when someone can get into my head and humiliate me, make me do things to embarrass myself for you. Sensory deprivation, objectification, role play fantasies, and sensation play are wonderful naughty delights as well.

I’m looking forward to being wrapped up in your fantasy.