Submissive Leia

Hello Master/Mistress!

I am new to The Dominion and my dreams have come true! I am in need of being taught the rules and properly punished when I’ve been a naughty girl… perhaps you’ll even be able to show me the ropes. I am a light to medium player, who enjoys a strong hand with a sensual touch from my Master/Mistress. I am very eager to learn all the proper and diverse ways to please, all I need is the right dominant to put me in my place. Is that you?

I am a fit and curvy young woman of Scottish/Irish and French/Italian Ancestry. With this wild mixture of the past, let’s head Back to the Future where you are in for a real treat! Just like my passion for Star Wars, my passion for Kink and BDSM started a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

My beautiful red hair is silky soft and a pleasure to pull. Rebellious by nature, my full beautiful lips are just as sexy as my fiery redhead mind. Shapely legs meet an ample bottom that is ready to be disciplined in detention. My skin is very sensitive which blushes and turns rosy pink when played with. I am extremely ticklish and will truly laugh and giggle when teased with soft hands or a feather. And my large dowy eyes are a beautiful shade of green/blue that yearn to fulfill your imaginative mind.

Tickling, role play, spanking, OTK, humiliation, obedience training, flogging, paddles, crops, hair pulling are all fair game in my book, especially when I’ve been particularly naughty. Fully committed to the story, some of my favorite roles are a sassy schoolgirl, a misbehaving secretary or babysitter, or a seductive French maid. Your experience will linger in your mind long after you walk out our doors.

Playing with the other girls available here at The Dominion is a complete delight! So a double (or triple) is always exciting and memorable! Let me or us, be your doting pet or your very own *Slave Leia… dress me up or down as you see fit… your fantasy is my command… anticipation my delight. I am eagerly awaiting your arrival and looking forward to obeying your every command.

*If you have a specific role-play in mind that requires a certain outfit, let the desk mistress know 24 hours in advance, or email me through the website so I can be ready to fulfill your fantasy*