Switch Kirsten

As a submissive I enjoy listening to my Master’s commands and performing every task he asks me to the best of my ability. This includes impact play such as over the knee spanking, paddling, flogging, single tails, straps, and crops. In addition to impact play I enjoy tickling, rope bondage, gags, hoods, blindfolds, wax play, ice play, violet wands, and clothespins.

As a Dominant I expect those who serve me to always endure everything I dish out with grace. I’m a buxom blonde and a native Angelino. That being said, I have high standards and I deserve the best. If you can’t follow my orders precisely you will be punished. I enjoy the worship of my beautiful size nine feet, trampling, and watching you struggle under my boots. As for impact play, I adore administering a good flogging, caning, OTK spanking, paddling, and of course a whack with a crop or strap. I find gags and hoods, wax play, ice play, and clothespins bewitching and they are always fun to use on my submissives. My ultimate favorite type of play is humiliation and sissy training. I can be sensual and domineering, or the most barbarous blonde you’ve ever met, your behavior will determine which side of me you meet.

As a submissive and Dominant I love diving into a well thought out role-play and making a fantasy come alive. The more detail the better. Coulrophilia, age play, kidnapping, comic book based fantasies, and more are welcome. If costumes are essential to the role-play I do need one week notice to obtain the outfit.