Submissive Kiki

Petite French/Japanese mischief maker seeks Master (or Mistress) to keep her in check. New to The Dominion, I am in desperate need of being taught the rules… perhaps you’ll even be able to show me the ropes.

From the time I first discovered the Story of O, I realized the ineffable yearning deep inside me was a carnal need to be brought to my knees. I delight in following the lead of a well-equipped dominant, especially one who knows precisely what they want and how they want it.

Before we begin, do not let my demure fille look fool you – as I do have a bit of a mischievous streak (blame it on my cunning wit and shrewd certitude). Obviously I frequently am in need of being put in my proper place.

A mere sprite, I can easily be thrown over your knee for a good spanking. Once you rose up my cheeks I am guaranteed to purrr like the kitten I can be. A light to medium player; obedience training, flogging, paddles, crops, tickling, hair pulling and face slapping are all fair game in my book, especially when I’ve been particularly naughty.

Let me be your doting pet or special slave… dress me up or down as you see fit… your fantasy is my command… anticipation my delight.

Advance Full Kimono Requests: When making a request for a Full Kimono Session, keep in mind we may require a little longer – depending on how much you want to play.