Switch Katya

Do you have a fantasy longing to be explored, devoured, and praised? As a lifestyle switch, I am open minded and excited to guide you down the rabbit hole of deviant perversions. I believe we are here to research our passions and celebrate our bodies. Won’t you come fulfill your every kinky desire with me?

My veins run thick with the wild blood of a Russian gypsy. As a true lover of submission, I find my understanding as a top is well studied and happily executed. I can be sensual if you long for a softer, sweeter space to play, but I also have a sadistic side that will leave you reeling and begging for more. At 5’4?, I am a tiny woman with luscious curves and a quick wit.

As a Domina: I am your Goddess, Mistress, Facilitator of Pure Bliss. Some of my favorite explorations in topping include:
Spanking, Foot fetish (I have perfectly manicured and polished size 8 feet with high arches, a wicked point from years in ballet, and toes that stretch and hyper extend into a beautiful fan), Looner fetish – I love balloons!, Leather, Bondage, Tickling, Electro Play, Humiliation and other verbal mind fuckery, Sissification/Gender Bending, Sensory deprivation/mummification (Let’s play with heightening whatever sense I decide to let you keep. I especially like saran wrap), Impact play/ flogging, CBT, Corporal Punishment, In-depth conversation, Role-play, Topping one of our beautiful submissives while you watch.

As a submissive: I long to be tamed once and for all by you in the ways you see fit: tie my limbs together, tickle me, send me to my knees or over yours for a wide handed spanking. Watch as my porcelain un-tattooed skin becomes a beautiful palate of pink. I also love wax or ice dripping down my body, having my hair pulled, and surrendering to a medium-light level of pain. Do you want to share me with someone else? I like couples and I love to play. I love playing dress-up and stretching my theatrical muscles in role-playing. Oh how I love to be humiliated, ignored, or thrown into a cage! I am young and look forward to discovering my limitations as well as challenging myself in new exciting spaces with you. Please Sir, take me there with you. I am also available for Heavy sessions, including caning.

If you don’t see your specific interest here, please inquire. Also if you have any special requests in scheduling a time to play, a specific costume, or general question about our time together, please email me at least 2 days prior to ensure you receive the session of your desire. I truly enjoy what I do, and intend to create a safe, sane, consensual space to play that both of us will not soon forget.