Submissive Jenny

Hello Master/Mistress!

I’m new to The Dominion! Having discovered BDSM about a year ago, I have become an eager submissive in need of being taught the rules and properly punished when I’ve been a naughty girl… perhaps you’ll be able to show me the ropes. I am a light to medium player, who enjoys a strong hand with a sensual touch from my Master/Mistress.

I am a fit, thin young woman: tall, pale, and buxom. Long legs meet a sweet bottom that is ready to be disciplined. My skin is very sensitive which blushes and turns rosy pink when played with. I am extremely ticklish and will laugh, wriggle, and giggle when teased. My large eyes are a beautiful shade of green – windows to the mind that yearns to fulfill your needs.

Tickling, role-play, spanking, slapping, obedience training, flogging, paddles, crops, hair pulling and more are all fair game in my book, especially when I’ve been particularly naughty. Your experience will linger in your mind long after you walk out our doors.

I love playing with the other girls at The Dominion, so a double (or triple) is always welcomed! I look forward to meeting you and discussing all the possibilities in an interview.