Switch Jane

New Year, New Jane! Naturally eager for new adventures and challenges, I am pleased to be a new switch at the Dominion. Learning and creatively playing out your most secret desires is what I live for. As a petite, curvy blond, I am confident expressing myself creatively and love figuring out new things I enjoy. Curious by nature, I have always been intrigued by the world of BDSM and enjoy learning everyone’s kinks and pleasures.

As your Mistress, I will expect you to submit to my every desire. I love to be served by a keen and loving submissive who delights in worshiping at my delicate, size 7.5 feet. Throughout my time at The Dominion, I have come to relish using crops, floggers, and paddles to make sure that you do my bidding. Designing fun games is a particular favorite of mine, especially when I am able to test your limits. If you please me, you will be rewarded. If you anger or upset me, you will be punished until I see fit that you have adequately learned your lesson. How will you be rewarded and punished you ask? Well you’ll just have to find out, won’t you?

As your submissive, I love to be tied up and tickled. I’m sure you will enjoy seeing me writhe and wriggle in ecstasy as much as I will doing it! As a light to medium player, I love to feel the flogger used across my back and plump bottom as well as being spanked firmly by your masterful hands. Intrigued by all things sensory, wax and ice play make me squeal in anticipation and excitement.

Whether it be role play, impact play, sensation play, or electro play – lets explore all the possibilities together.