Submissive Jane

Dear Master or Mistress,

I am new to the alluring and exotic world of BDSM! Growing up in a sheltered environment, I was always labelled as the girl next door. Up until now I have let that define me. However, I am starting to feel as though there is a darker side to me. I need you to help break me out of this shell and help me discover more about pleasure through pain.

Due to my Southern roots I can sometimes be a little sassy, so I will need a firm hand (or paddle) to put me in my place. As a light to medium player, I want to learn about what pleases you. Do you prefer drizzling hot wax on my skin? Or teasing me with freezing ice cubes? What would make you feel more dominant – teaching me a lesson after I’ve been naughty or watching me eagerly obey your every command? Having you as my professor will be a real treat and I will be your favorite student.

I live for role play and would love to be your girl next door, sassy school girl, sexy librarian, or anything your heart yearns for. I am out to please and serve you. So tell me you deepest (and darkest) desires.