Switch Hedera

What are your desires?

As a lifestyle switch, I am ready to fulfill any fantasy that is on your mind. My petite stature and innocent face may indicate otherwise, but I can seamlessly step from dominance to submission and back.

When I am under your command, I am ready to serve. I’m a playful brat or a docile submissive, depending on your mood. Be it paddle, hand, or bondage, I am ready to receive it all. My mind is the same. I am ready to be trained and controlled. Or perhaps some role-play is more to your liking? Whatever is on your mind, I’m sure to be able to explore it with you no matter what. I have an open mind, and am always up to trying anything within my limits as long as I get to please you. Your smile is my greatest reward.

Conversely, should you find yourself under my command; you’ll witness my skill as a dominant. You are here for me to take you to new highs and lows. I am firm with a sadistic streak. I demand your absolute submission and worship. I will take you to new lows psychologically with just my degrading words and creative mind. Slaves, I will properly train you and make clear what your place is. Masochists, your pain is my pleasure. Whatever the implement, the pain I inflict on you will fuel the spark in my eyes. My skill in bondage will set your mind free, or leave you desperate for escape. Ever played with electricity? Ever feel the sensation of wax as it hits your skin? I will be here to show you.

I do have a softer side. You can worship my pedicured toes as I sit on my throne. Feel as I carefully use my hand, my nails, or a feather to overload your senses. You may find comfort instead at my feet as I whisper endearing words. Or laugh as I demonstrate my playful side.

I am well-traveled, well-read and intellectual. My proficiency in both Chinese and Cantonese are a testament to that. Have a fantasy not mentioned above? Do not be afraid to inquire in person or via a message. I am well-versed in most and nonjudgmental.

Special appointments, doubles with other ladies, and couples are welcome. Outfit requests require prior notice.

Now, are you ready to play?