Submissive Greta

Will you teach me… please?

I would be honored were you to lend your firm but steady hand to my proper education.

Lavish upon me your words of wisdom while I rub your feet. Tickle me until I squeal and gasp for breath. I am six feet tall with legs for days… and yet I fit in the palm of your experienced hand.

Allow me to play the part of your impertinent secretary, or that flight attendant who simply was not attentive and needs to be shown the meaning of service.

I love to serve and am usually very obedient… but every now and then I have a naughty, willful streak that craves to be put in its place.

I am oh so grateful to receive light to medium spankings and/or floggings on a regular basis because I know deep down how undignified it is to be sassy. My smooth round buttocks will blush at your touch, as will my tender back and thighs.

I am yours to shape and define… ready to succumb to your mastery and become the object of your tutelage.