Mistress Gloria

Intimidated? Of course you are. At 6’3″ in my bare feet, my stature is commanding to say the least — but prove yourself worthy, and you will find the rewards to be greater than you could ever imagine! Are you ready to serve?

I have been a lifestyle dominant for the last 10 years, and my natural style tends more toward the sensual; I believe that a whispered word can carry more impact than the loudest shout, and that a soft caress can bring a submissive to their knees quicker than the hardest slap. Of course, if true pain is your flavor, I am always happy to oblige — as long as you understand what you are asking for! My muscular frame can pack quite the punch when needed, so I am up for anything — from the lightest touch to the most devastating blow and everything in between.

I very much enjoy impact play/corporal punishment (hand/OTK spankings, crops, floggers, paddles, canes, and just about anything else I can get my hands on to discipline you with), CBT, ballbusting, tickling, and am especially fond of nipple torture. I am also a shibari enthusiast and a fan of creative rope bondage — nothing pleases me more than to see what helpless, compromising positions I can get you into.

Do you long to worship at the feet of a true amazon? My size 12, meticulously pedicured feet are a rare treat for the truly discriminating foot connoisseur. The most well-behaved, polite of boys have even been known to have their entire face fully covered with both of them at the same time — provided they ask nicely, of course.

I am also a great lover of role-play; as a writer, I want to explore your world and the characters that inhabit it. Who do you want us to be today? Tell me your fantasy, and we can get lost in it together!

Other interests of mine include: cross-dressing, sissification, boot/shoe worship, verbal humiliation, trampling, hot wax, ice, electro play, sensory deprivation, smothering, and so much more — my interests are wide and varied, so if something’s not listed on here, just ask! I also very much enjoy two and three (or more!) girl sessions, so please don’t hesitate to ask about that if it piques your interest. Women, couples and people of any gender identification are very welcome. I hope to see and play with you soon!

Please allow 48 hours notice for any wardrobe requests, including items featured in photos.