Switch Gloria

Are you ready to feel small, little one? My name is Gloria — a half-Latina, half-European, all-Amazon materialization of every fantasy you’ve ever dreamed possible! I stand at 6’3″ in my bare size 12 feet (but can it go up to 7″ with my trusty heels and boots) and love nothing more than to use my size to intimidate, influence and control. With 10+ years of lifestyle BDSM experience, I am adept at customizing the perfect scene for you and will make sure you walk away with a smile on your face and a fire on your ass!

As your dominant, I can make you feel like the tiny little thing you are by looming over you while delivering each blow, but don’t be fooled by my tough demeanor — each strike is dealt with careful precision and tough love, whether hard or soft. But be warned — since I’m a bit of a sadist, I may giggle and smile at your pained cries, or laugh while I taunt you! I do love impact play — crops are a particular favorite of mine — but I am always content with paddles, canes, or even just a good old-fashioned bare hand spanking. I also love role-play, age play, forced feminization, CBT, and foot/shoe worship, just to name a few! My interests are wide and varied, and I am always thrilled to come up with session ideas to match the fantasies in your head.

As your submissive, I am a light-to-medium player with a HUGE bratty streak! Do you think you can tame me? I love to roleplay from this vantage point, too. I very ticklish and will kick and squeal as you find as many ways to drive me out of my mind as you can!

I can’t wait to look down on you!