Submissive Eve

It would be my honor to serve you, Sir.

I am a natural submissive, a light to medium player who longs to have her boundaries pushed and her vocabulary expanded. I find the dynamics between dominant and submissive to be the highest of energy exchanges. I have experimented with it in my personal life & now feel ready to offer my gift of submission to you.

Please allow me to submit to you, and humbly learn from you. Tame me with a whip and train me with a flog. I live to serve and love to learn. Won’t you teach me the way to your greatest pleasure? Consider me a canvas for whatever your heart desires, whether it’s slim wrists and ankles to bind, a round porcelain bottom to spank, a tight tummy to tickle (and I am VERY ticklish!), a full head of red curly hair to pull, or an arched back to drip wax, and ice on. Or perhaps a little role playing? Naughty little school girl? Misbehaving secretary? Wild amazon? The choice is yours, my future Master, role playing is a specialty of mine.

Please allow me the honor to bring your wildest fantasies to life.