Switch Ember

As a candid player, I prefer open and honest communication. Though I have a sweet and effervescent disposition, I must confess I have a mischievous side. By Your strict hand, i will happily submit. But by mine, you will bend to my will. My mean streak will surface quickly, and coy giggles will turn to laughter in delight of your suffering.

However, that is not to say that you may open your mouth as you please while you wear my collar. If you have a role you would like me to fulfill, I will happily consider it, from sassy boss, to unfair teacher, to that girl in school you always wanted but could never have. If you wish to amuse me, I would gladly take you over my knee, restrain you in my web of bondage, or simply beat you into submission with whatever may be in my bag of tricks. Are you the gambling type? Roll to the stakes of your own discipline – or punishment, whatever you deserve.

I simply adore a man in lingerie. In my finishing school, I will teach you to be a proper lady, but if you fail to perfect that curtsey, there will be severe consequences. If you’re seeking something a little more sinister, I would be delighted to accommodate. The best way to break a slave is to first infiltrate the mind, and once you’re a dribbling mess, I’ll sculpt you into what I envision you to be. You’ll find mind games to be quite therapeutic.

All this said, I clearly need to be put in my place. Many times, my ‘delicate flower’ demeanor masks what some may call a ‘spoiled brat’. You turn Your back and I’ll stick out my tongue, perhaps meriting whatever punishment You think You may find fitting. Tickle sessions are among my favorite! I love to laugh and squirm! But watch out; given the chance, I will get you back!

To my Master: I eagerly await your arrival. The longing to submit will always linger in my heart. To my doting submissive: consider this the first step in your training. If you believe you are man enough to share my presence, come in and prove your worth.