Switch Dolliah

Don’t let my doll like petite appearance fool you. I’m a little devil underneath the playful smile and curious blue eyes. I’m a true switch at heart, one moment the loving bratty submissive, the next standing above you as you beg at my feet. It only takes an instant; perhaps you think you’re worthy enough to experience and savor it.

As a dominant I am stern yet doting, I want my submissive to truly enjoy the moment. I love to push you and bring you to the very brink of what you think you want and what you think you can handle. I want you to experience a new high of being so low beneath me. I love to cane bad boys, and spank them till they’re nice and rosy. Hot wax, clamps, riding crops, violet wands, and floggers are all some of my favorite toys. I absolutely LOVE tease and denial and sensory deprivation. Let me restrain you, and whisper in your ear all the things I’d love to do to you… if you behave. If not you’ll see the sadist in me as I punish you into perfect submission and bring you to the brink.

I love to punish you for all those naughty thoughts, and bring to life those secret fantasies you never had the courage to admit to life. Are you a secret panty boy? If so you might just be my favorite, but don’t worry, I won’t tell all the other boys. I’ll bring you to that place you hid deep inside your mind as you worship every move I make and I’ll leave you begging for more.

I love having other girls in my sessions too, so if you dream of being tag teamed by two beautiful goddesses, I’m always happy to suggest some of my favorites. Or perhaps you’d love to see one of the many beautiful women of the house bring me down a peg, I always invite you to simply ask. You may be surprised by how much fun there is to be had.

As a submissive I’m a brat, I want you to challenge me, punish me, and play games. I’m always looking for different ways to get into trouble, and I hope you have different ways to punish me. I’m a heavy player and I love canes, floggers, and violet wands. Sensory deprivation and psychological play are things that make me just oh so happy. I love tickling and am very ticklish, not all my sir’s are so stern with me. We just love to have fun! I kindly ask no NT, it is sadly something I just do not enjoy, but don’t worry there are lots of other things we can do and have fun with!