Switch Delta

The first thing you may notice about Switch Delta is her coy smile as she greets you. Then you begin to notice her finely muscled shoulders and arms and moving down you see her trim waist, toned abs and powerful thighs and legs, ending in elegant size 8 feet with lovely high arches. Tall and imposing in heels, she stands well over 6 feet. You will feel a delicious sense of intimidation at her amazonian stature.

As a Dominant: Switch Delta loves to grapple, wrestle and play. She enjoys giving corporal punishments, verbal abuse, and impact play for naughty subs and slaves, especially OTK spankings with a bare hand or leather flogger. She adores CBT and bondage, especially Shibari and psychological and predicament bondage, forced femme, cross dressing and sissies. She loves to slap, insult, degrade, trample, and stand on submissives and watching them squirm. She absolutely loves to have her feet worshiped and taken care of by a deserving submissive.

Role play: Switch Delta loves to play as a super heroine, comic book vixen, nurse, cop, lady boss, president, teacher, personal trainer, coach, equestrienne, mean babysitter and head cheerleader etc… Her imagination is fun, wicked, weird and wild and sometimes can catch you off guard! (She has an office public humiliation fantasy of dousing your lap with a hot cup of coffee!) A natural emotional sadist, she loves to humiliate and give submissives a dressing down as she dresses them up and parades them around for her own amusement. She loves to cane a naughty student, spank a bad baby, to place an unruly patient in restraints, and to cage a prisoner in solitary confinement.

As a bottom: A natural Switch, Delta can handle herself quite nicely as a bottom, she has a medium to high pain threshold (low to medium NP) and is definitely a sassy squirmy thing if put in bondage or restraints. She enjoys sensation play, role play, spanking, impact play and bondage as well as obedience training. Very ticklish and energetic, you will have quite a lot of fun and your work cut out for you with her as a sub!

For costume and outfit/special requests, be so kind as to notify at least 48 hours before a session to ensure total satisfaction.