Submissive Chloe

It’s my pleasure to serve Lady Hillary and The Dominion as a light submissive… how will I be able to serve you? Will I be your doting good girl or a naughty girl for you to set straight? Twisted with my sweetness and devotion is a deeply unruly sassy streak – can you tame it?

I’m a very tall lady, nearly 6′, and I relish the opportunity to shrink at your feet. Let me bend over backwards to please you. I delight in costumes and role-play, exploring the edges of my imagination and yours.

Maybe a rosy backside is your cup of tea – I humbly offer mine for sensitive yet spirited corporal play. Maybe you’d like to watch me writhe and squeal under your tickling fingers – what delightful torture! Maybe your mastery is all in the head – in which case, let me fall to my knees and fulfill your commands.

Tie me up, boss me around, pull my hair. Make me yours – let your fantasy be my heaven; let your pleasure be mine. I can’t wait to meet you!