Submissive CeCe

I am a true submissive by nature. I am of polish background with light to slightly bronzed skin tone. My bottom on the other hand is very pale from lack of getting spankings so I would love if you could help change that to a pretty pink!

I have experimented in the BDSM lifestyle for a couple of years now but have never had my limits truly pushed. Will you be the one to introduce me to my new favorite kink?

I am medium player that gets excited at testing my limits being the masochist that I am. What I love most is role playing! Seeing as I am always looking for cute new outfits to wear for someone who enjoys playing with the idea of making me feel like a naughty school girl, the cute girl next door or your feisty kitten who needs to be tamed! I’ll be ever so obedient as I hand over my leash to you so you can walk me to my cage and punish me as you see fit. I love hair-pulling, light face-slapping and humiliation, no fantasy is taboo with me.

Do not be fooled by my innocent seeming nature, I can be very sassy at times just for the fun of being punished!
The sensation of being tied up while I await in anticipation to see if hot wax, an electrical shock or the back of your hand will meet my skin gets me all worked up! It is my fantasy to please you & make all your fetishes come to life as I submit to you.

I look forward to our future play dates and what new things you can teach me! Until then I shall be as naughty as possible so when that time comes I’ll be in need of a severe punishment!