Switch Bianca

Are you a good boy who longs to worship at the feet of a curvy Goddess and be rewarded for your servitude?

Or are you a naughty little boy who needs to be disciplined for your transgressions? A firm spanking or paddling or caning by your strict Mistress will make a good boy out of you.

Standing at an imposing height even without heels, I offer strong, full, athletic thighs and shoulders, developed through years of aggressive sports. All of this strength is balanced by the dangerous femininity of full voluptuous curves and narrow size 7.5 feet.

I am equal parts Amazon and Goddess for you to worship or to fear.

As a Dominant, I demand respect, obedience, and gratitude, and I enjoy making you beg to worship me. I’m a playful and sensual sadist who will get into your head with a cheeky command or remark. Don’t be surprised to find me smiling or laughing while you squirm. I can be firm and unforgiving in punishing you, or just as easily nurturing, and I will excel at torturing you with denial. I might even reward you with the pain you so desire, if you earn it. A sincere “please” and “thank you” will elicit the approval of your Mistress. Any whining or backtalk will be punished accordingly.

My personal favorites include: sensual sadism, discipline, humiliation, foot worship, tease and denial, nipple torture, cbt, obedience training, puppy play, protocol, corporal punishment, verbal domination, smothering, role play, and creative sadism.

I am also available for fantasy or semi-competitive wrestling (with prior notice).

As a submissive, I particularly enjoy being bound, restrained, and helpless, and it’s always a treat to play with a true rope artist. I love to be sensually teased with light sensation play or an OTK spanking. I’m not, however, into humiliation or heavy pain.

I would love to accommodate your personal desire for a particular costume or outfit. I have developed an extensive fetish wardrobe over the years (latex, corsets, vintage lingerie, costumes, etc). Please let me know in advance if you have any specific requests.

Please also feel free to email me to request a session for a day I am not on the schedule, and we can try to schedule a special appointment.