Switch Bianca

I’m new to The Dominion, but not to the lifestyle in general. I have previous years of experience as a professional switch, and would consider myself a switch in my personal life, as well.

I thoroughly enjoy the sensation of wearing fetish and bondage attire, including vintage lingerie, restraints, and all things binding. I love the sensation of snug material hugging my skin.

I would love to accommodate your personal desire for a particular costume or outfit. I have developed an extensive wardrobe over the years, ranging from vintage shapewear, lingerie, corsets, latex, leather, vinyl, stockings, heels, boots, collars, hats, belts, military, police, costumes, etc. Please let me know if you have any specific requests.

As a submissive, it gives me pleasure to be bound and restrained by you. I deeply enjoy rope play, as well as moderate sensation play. It’s always a treat to play with a true rope artist. I have a medium pain tolerance and I need to be disciplined and made to submit to your will, perhaps with an OTK spanking, or a paddle, or even just a firm hand. I love it when a dominant, capable man can put me in my place, and make me feel helpless. The firmer and more confident you are, the more it is my pleasure to obey you. I am, however, not particularly into heavy humiliation or intense pain.

As a dominant, I can be playfully sadistic, and I enjoy getting into your head with a subtle look or a gesture. Don’t be surprised to find me giggling or smiling at your frustration. I can be firm and unforgiving in punishing you, or just as easily nurturing, if you so deserve it. I particularly appreciate good little boys who like to worship at my feet, and I will excel at torturing you with denial. Your pleasure is best earned, with manners and respect. I might even reward you with the pain you desire, if I’m feeling generous.