Switch Barbie

I am a breathtaking brunette, whose captivating green eyes will have you mesmerized at first glance. I grew up in Southern California, yet I’m fluent in three languages… come find out which ones. I’m 5’6, slender with beautiful long brown hair, high cheekbones and long legs. I have a very playful and sensual personality, along with an amazing imagination that can bring your fantasies and fetishes to life.

I pride myself as a very thoughtful person that loves all types of role play scenarios. I’m ready to have so much fun with you! Creative role play brings me great pleasure and a huge smile to my face. My favorite role-play scenarios are naughty school girl/ principal, boss/secretary, and so many other scenes where we can be creative together.

I absolutely LOVE: Role-play, dress-up/stockings, paddles, crops, cuff/ rope bondage, and some over-the-knee spanking. To top it off I am very ticklish on my feet, underarms and neck. Hint, there is a secret spot on my earlobes that will surely give me goosebumps. Also, as most quiver with the thought of ice melting down their body, I enjoy ice play immensely, But to heat things up, I love the feel of hot candle wax pouring down my skin as well.

As Your dominant, I’m so excited to take great care of you! Don’t underestimate my sweet voice, I am very stern when need to be. Every step, movement and action I take is to make you have the best experience. You will find out that I know how to push all the right buttons to make you love submitting to me. I also love to hear about your desires and relish in all that you crave. I thoroughly enjoy foot worship, with my 8 1/2 shoe size, I love wearing heels that show my fresh pedicured toes and soft soles. I have a deep passion for fashion, make-up and jewelry. I will love to show you my skills and my enthusiasm for dressing you up. I enjoy a variety of CBT, smothering and tease & denial. As a fan of a good over-the-knee spanking, I want to give you a good lesson with my bare hands, paddles, crops, canes and floggers. In addition, hearing you giggle and squirm as I tickle you with my long nails is blissful to me. I can’t wait to meet you and fulfill your desires!