Switch Barbie

Blonde sweetheart raised in sunny Southern California yet fluent in three languages. I have long golden blonde hair, beautiful girly looks, high cheekbones, 5’6 stature with long legs. I enjoy all sorts of play.

I have great passion and a very playful, sensual personality. I have an amazing imagination that can bring your fantasies and fetishes to life. I pride myself as a very thoughtful person and when you look into my light green eyes you will be mesmerized.

Fun, creative role play brings me great pleasure and a huge smile to my face. My favorite role-plays are scenarios such as naughty school girl, secretary, and so many other scenes where we can be creative together.

I absolutely LOVE: Role-play, dress-up, incredibly ticklish on the feet and underarms, paddles, crops, and cuff/ rope bondage. Some good old fashioned over-the-knee spanking. With the hot weather in California, I enjoy ice play immensely but also love the feel of hot candle wax pouring down my skin.

As Your Dominant I’m so excited to take great care of you! Don’t underestimate my sweet voice, I am very stern when need to be. Every step, movement and action I make is to make you have the best experience possible. I love to hear about your desires and relish in all that you crave. As a top, bringing out your fetishes and playing brings me a great deal of joy and excitement and you will find out that I know how to push all the right buttons to make you love submitting to me.

I thoroughly enjoy foot worship. With my 8 1/2 shoe size, I love wearing heels that show my fresh pedicured toes and baby soft soles. I have a deep passion for fashion, make up and jewelry. I will love to show you my skills and my enthusiasm for dressing you up as well.

As a fan of a good over-the-knee spanking, I enjoy giving you a good lesson with my bare hands, paddles, crops, canes and floggers. In addition, hearing you giggle and squirm as I tickle you with my long nails brings me joy! I consider myself a light to medium player and I can’t wait to meet you!