Switch Audrey

Are you in tune with your darkest desires? Do you yearn for a space in which your most guarded fantasies can take form in reality? Well look no further my fellow pervert. I will be your guide in the seductive world of BDSM.

I may look like the innocent girl next door, (as a submissive I just might be), but don’t let my guiltless eyes and tendency towards submission mislead you. I have an appetite for mischief and a hankering for a naughty good time.

As your dominant I will be understanding, stern, and ruthless. Bow and kiss my heavenly size 7 1/2 feet, worship me properly or receive the consequences. I love to hear a slave howl in agony as it redeems itself to its Mistress. I will spank you, restrain you, torture your mind, BODY, and soul.

As a submissive I am eager to please. I love obedience and long for a strong master to train me. Throw me over your knee for a good firm spanking, tell me what a bad girl I’ve been and tech me a lesson! Are you as eager as I to create a world of our own? Don’t be shy, I’ll be waiting.