Submissive Aries

I’m so very pleased to make your acquaintance. I am a sensual, slender young woman of Native American and European Ancestry. Fresh and fun here at the Dominion, I am delighted at the chance to discover your passions. Although I may seem shy at first, I assure you I’m experienced, merely demure…

Long, lean legs meet an ample bottom and sleek waist. Long, dark hair streaked with color, wild and thick. Seductive eyes, ask: What’s your fantasy? Come whisper in my ear, Sir or Madame.

Would you like to dominate me? Tie me up? Watch me struggle. Bound.

Do you desire something more tactile like corporal punishment? I love a well-deserved OTK. Or a fun, delightful tickle session? I’m already squirming in my seat. Tickle my sensitive sweet skin until I simply gasp for breath. The rush!

Perhaps a specific creative role play such as; private school girl, or soccer player, kinky girl-scout, kidnapped victim, inmate or sorority torture, inappropriate relationship, punishment, doll-ification, lost tourist, foreign exchange student, reluctant or girl next door.

I wish to please up-most… What stimulates your mind and every fiber of your being?
Wherever your proclivity falls, as a trained fetish-enthusiast, I graciously desire to experience deeper, to be trained even further.

Versatile and capable, I am willing & excited to hear from all walks of life. What’s your fantasy?

I’m here for you now…

Lite/Medium Player… Conversational Spanish, Accents: French, Russian.

Costumes available: Private School girl, naughty schoolgirl, kinky girl-scout outfit, red soccer outfit, hot-pink tutu, neon cheerleader, girl-next-door, cut-off shorts, mint green baby-doll, white and pink corsets, stripper/slutty dancer fetish outfits, French maid. Ties, fishnets, pigtail or pony-tails, nude nylons, high-heels, sneakers or any other special fetish desired should be requested in-advance, if possible, so that I can best serve you!