Submissive Aries

I am so very pleased to make your acquaintance. I am a sensual, slender young woman of Native American and European Ancestry.

Long, lean legs meet an ample bottom and sleek waist. Long, dark hair streaked with gold, wild and thick. Seductive eyes ask: Would you like to dominate me?

I’d love to play, and though I may seem shy at first, I am a willing submissive, fresh and pink here at The Dominion. Eager to be trained and dominated by the right master. Commanded, if you will.

I enjoy being told what to do. What shall I do? Bend over and take a firm spanking- because I was so very, very naughty? Tickle my slender feet? Tie me up? Watch me struggle. Bound.

Do you have a naughty fantasy? I’m here for you now. Brand new and pleased to meet you…

Lite/Medium Player. Conversational Spanish, Accents: French, Russian.