Submissive Alyssa

I’m feisty and adventurous and I love to play heavy. I crave someone who can guide me into submission. Are you up for the task?

I love being bent over a strong knee for a good spanking. Whether it’s a strong hand, strap, hairbrush, paddle or cane it all frightens and excites me to no end. Being “taken to the woodshed” is one of my favorite fantasies!

I’m ready to be bound for your whim. Restrain me with rope, handcuffs, or chains to whip me, tickle me, ply me with hot wax, make me shiver from ice, or enlighten me with some electro play. Make me follow you on a leash, slap my face or pull my hair to help me be obedient. I love it all!

Lay me on my back and tickle my feet until I’m begging for relief, or flip me over and hear me squeal and giggle. I get goose bumps just thinking about being tickled.

I dream about role play! I don’t know how to choose: Naughty cheerleader, negligent secretary, beloved toy, careless maid, sultans slave, sexy penguin, just to name a few! I have the costumes to make your role play fantasies come alive! Let me help you bring them to life!

At 5’2″ I am the perfect size to be at your feet or over your knee. Let me give your feet the worship you crave. Make me laugh or cry, smile or beg!

Come play with me… I can’t wait!!