Switch Alison Miller

As Your Dominant: Welcome slaves. I will be a your skilled disciplinarian or playful vixen. I will be your Goddess. I have found, being a dominant, that I enjoy the utter devotion and servitude of men. I revel in knowing you are bigger and taller than Me, but I can still bring you to your knees in front of Me.

If you are a true Masochist, then I will be your true Sadist! From a good corporal session (I absolutely love to give a great spanking!) to you worshiping My size 8 pedicured feet & legs. I am skilled with all the implements in the dungeon, especially floggers and canes! Nothing more beautiful then a red behind and back with perfectly placed lines across the cheeks. One of my fantasies, is to have a ‘no safe word’ slave. Yummy. I love to dress My slaves up and humiliate them, lead them around on a leash and make them kiss the ground I walk on, while performing humiliating tasks. I’ll step on you and grind My heels in and make you cry out for more. I’m also quite skilled at bondage.

One of My favorite things to do is bind you until you can’t move and I have complete control of you. The list goes on (any pain or humiliation you want, I can deliver), but my bio has to be short… ish. I look forward to you serving Me.

Oh and don’t forget that I can tickle you mercilessly. I know all the spots. Also available for Dom training. I may look young, but I’m quite experienced.

As A Bottom: If you’re lucky, you may get to turn the tables on me! I am quite feisty but I really enjoy many things about playing as a bottom! Such as…

Spanking/caning/paddling (yes I’m a heavy!), nice tight bondage (I like to play a game, can I get out of your bondage?), being tickled (but if you tickle me, you will have to tie me down to get me to stop moving and jumping around, I’m so dangerously ticklish!), roleplay (I really get into this. Brat, naughty student, boss/secretary, etc…), flogging, sensation play, wax play, and more… No NT!!

*I have a plethora of outfits and costumes. Please inquire at least 3 days before an app for special requests so that I can accommodate. Thank you.