Submissive Aimi

Hello Sir. I am a brand new submissive at the Dominion, but I am eager to learn and please.

At five feet, four inches, my petite Asian frame is perfect for throwing over your knee and spanking. I am a light to medium player so indulge in my masochistic streak and relish the marks you can leave on my unblemished body. I love hair pulling, humiliation, and bare handed spanking. Push me to my limits, sir.

I long for a master who can tame my rebellious nature and paint the blank canvas of my bottom with strokes of a paddle. Do you prefer a sassy school girl who talks back at every turn? Or perhaps the timid librarian who follows every order without resistance? Restrain my thin wrists and ankles and watch my back arch in response to hot wax. Let me play out your fantasy.

I eagerly await your discipline.