Switch Abbey

I invite you to open yourself to explore all your most intimate, forbidden, private fantasies. Come explore the unusual, the taboo, and the bizarre with me. I especially love to get creative with unconventional role play scenarios, maybe you’d like to email me with some of your ideas?

Adore my curvy, feminine form. My soft warm flesh, my full breasts, my shapely legs, my pedicured size seven and a half feet. Gaze deeply into my penetrating blue eyes.

As a top, I suggest you don’t underestimate me. My experience as a submissive has given me a vast education of protocol and slave training I would just love to pass on to a lowly slave boy or girl. With strict punishment for any disobedience of course! I can’t wait for you to assume your position across my knee. And I love to laugh, please be the source of my amusement!

Some of my favorite things include verbal humiliation, cuckolding, crossdressing, forced feminization, tickling, tease and denial, smothering, nipple torture, slave training and protocol, flogging, spanking, and caning. Feel the sting, take the pain for me.

As a submissive, this slave’s only mission and focus is to serve you, Sir. I strive to please my Master. I have been studying my slave training, and long to apply myself to serving you in a manner most pleasing to your specific needs and desires. I would love to explore any role playing scenarios that would satisfy you, Sir.

I am a medium player in all aspects of impact play. My soft ivory skin is just begging for you to turn it bright red from a firm OTK spanking, flogging, or cropping. Subject my sensitive skin to sensation play. Slap my face. Humiliate me. Call me horrible, degrading names. Grab a fistful of my long strawberry blond hair.

I may regret telling you this, but I am extremely, uncontrollably ticklish all over my body! You’re going to have to restrain me, because tickling will make me thrash about while releasing a combination of squealing, giggling, and screaming!

Whether you’re curious or experienced, come visit me. Whether I’m top or bottom, I am an enthusiastic BDSM player. I am playful, sensual, open minded, and committed to fulfilling your kinky fantasies. So will I be your dream come true, or your worst nightmare?