Welcome back Switch Ravenna!

Great news, Switch Ravenna is back at The Dominion! Do you seek a rebellious, resistant brat that needs to be overcome and corrected? Or a demure, obedient slave that derives happiness from her submission to you? A strong top like yourself can only challenged if he has an equally challenging energy exchange with a bottom. Overall Ravenna’s main goal is to have fun, whether she am exploring her skills as a dominant or being made to submit to your will.

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Please welcome Submissive Keda

Please help us welcome Submissive Keda. She is a sweet Midwestern girl with just a little bit of feistiness. Being a lifestyle player, she is a solid medium bottom. She loves the feel of leather or rope and melts at the sight of a flogger or paddle. Grab her by the hair and rub ice over one of her tattoos. She is also extremely ticklish. Keda can’t wait to meet and serve you!

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A new photo set from Submissive Alyssa

New pictures have just been posted of Submissive Alyssa. She is feisty and adventurous and she loves to play hard. She craves someone who can guide her into submission. Are you up for the task? Her petiteness makes her ideal to go over your knee or kneel at your feet. She fantasizes about being spanked, bound, tickled, chastised… can you help her live it out?

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New pictures of Submissive Tara

Curvaceous Submissive Tara has new photos on her page for you. She is ready to feed those fantasies you might have of a mother, nurse, secretary, librarian, aunt, or housewife that needs to be punished for being naughty. Whether it be an over the knee spanking on her thick round behind, a long bout of tickling, or a good hearty flogging, Tara is ready and willing to serve you.

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Congratulations to Switch Lana!

Lana is now a Switch! When in the Dominant role, she wants to push your limits and bring you the euphoria that only comes with the delicate balance of pleasure and pain. When tables are turned and Lana is your submissive, she will gladly follow your orders and surrender to her punishments. Lana’s new page has been updated with her new Switch profile and lovely new photos… see it here.

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Welcome back Switch Mara!

Great news! Switch Mara is returning to The Dominion and can’t wait to play with you! Hailing from international waters with Chinese, Filipino, and Spanish blood, this exotic Switch has a solid medium pain tolerance. As a top Mara is sensual player with a heavily sadistic side– get ready for an immense amount of tease and denial! As a bottom she has an affinity for thuddy leather paddles, floggers, and a firm hand spanking her full bottom. For more of what Mara is into, visit her page.

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Updates from Submissive Valentine

Submissive Valentine has updated her page with a new profile and photos. This sun kissed Polynesian-Filipino loves being put in her place. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much pain she can take. What will you do to her? Will you spank her hard and fast over your knee? Come show her what it really feels like to be dominated and controlled. Won’t you come take advantage of her insatiable need to serve?

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New Photos of Switch Remy

Switch Remy has add 3 new photos to her page for you to enjoy. This sweet girl next door has a kinky side… she loves to role play, and as your submissive, she craves a good spanking, paddling, flogging and tickling. Her ultimate favorite is rope bondage. She would also be elated to turn the tables on you! She takes great delight in punishing her subs. Very skilled in caning, she will also control you with crops, floggers, paddles, buggy whips, and of course her hands.

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New Submissive Lucille

Please meet Submissive Lucille. This curvaceous lifestyle sub comes with a Rubenesque figure that is built to serve and obey. A solid medium player, she enjoys being spanking & paddled on her ample bottom, role play, being tickled, tied up, humiliated… whatever kind of play it takes to fulfill your deviant needs. Lucille is eagerly awaiting your training, sir. See her new photos here…

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