Say hello to Submissive Skyler

Submissive Skyler is a natural sub and an eager learner. She is ready for a master to teach, mold, and manipulate her. She wants to do as you say and be told what to do. She enjoys OTK, flogging, crops, paddles, bondage and more. Will you put her in her place and punish her? Show her who’s in charge! Visit Skyler’s page here.

New pictures of Submissive Mary

New pictures of Submissive Mary have just been added to her page. Mary is a self-proclaimed spanko. Over the knee? On a Jacob’s cross? How about with a cane or a flogger? Paddle? Anything that pleases you, sir! Mary is here to serve. She enjoys all forms of kink, but more than anything her aim is to please. See Mary’s page here.

Please welcome Submissive Lana

Submissive Lana is brand new to The Dominion, eager to learn and please. Outside these walls she’s usually the one in charge, but here she bends to your will and strives to please you. She enjoys role-playing, spankings, floggings, and even a good slap across the face. If she’s really bad, she may need to be tied up. Intrigued? Click here to find out more…

Stunning new photos of Switch Alison Miller

We have amazing new photos of Switch Alison Miller now up on her page. As your skilled disciplinarian or playful vixen, this goddess enjoys the utter devotion and servitude of men. And if you’re lucky, you may get to turn the tables on her… she is quite feisty but really enjoys many things about playing as a bottom. And obviously, she loves costumes and roleplay! See more of Alison’s new look here.

Updates from Switch Adeline

Switch Adeline has just updated her page with new set of photos, including her sexy feet. This muscular Amazon will tower over you and she enjoys taking complete ownership of her slaves, demanding servitude. She can easily reduce the most confident alpha male to a babbling, crawling mess. Or perhaps you’d like to try your hand at dominating her? She’s been waiting for someone who can properly control a wild misfit like herself. See her new pics by clicking here.

New Submissive Lottie

Update: New page and photos now up! Please help us welcome Submissive Lottie. She has been exploring her submissive side and is ready to learn from an experienced dominant teacher. She loves to roleplay and be restrained… helps us find out what else this eager student enjoys. Click here for Lottie’s page.

Switch Mara is ready to play!

Switch Mara has returned and she can’t wait to get back into the swing of things! With Chinese, Filipino, and Spanish blood, Mara is a tropical exotic mix with medium pain tolerance. As a top she is a sensual player with a heavily sadistic side. As a bottom she has an affinity for thuddy leather paddles and a firm hand spanking. Adventure awaits! See more of Mara here.

New pictures of Submissive Sparrow

Submissive Sparrow is a petite blonde with lots of tattoos – but she’s only a bad girl if you want her to be. She is naturally submissive and would like nothing more than for you to tie her up and discipline her. Tell her how she can best please you. Click here to see Sparrow’s new pictures.

Welcome lifestyle sub, Submissive Valentine

Please help us welcome Submissive Valentine. At a petite 5’0″, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much pain she can handle. A light to medium player, she is quite enthusiastically submissive. Professional BDSM may be new to her, but taking pleasure in pain certainly is not! She is eager and ready follow your every order. See more of Valentine here

New photos of Submissive Pyxie!

Little Submissive Pyxie may look sweet and innocent, but as you can see from her tattoos and piercings, she also has a bad girl side that will need a good spanking to be put in line! This light to medium player enjoys floggings, clothespins, tickling, role play and more. Visit her page here to see her cute new photos…

July Birthdays!

Our Ladies love celebrating their birthdays playing at The Dominion! Whether on the giving or receiving end, somebody’s backside is going to be red hot before the day is through! Contact us to arrange birthday time this month with:

July 1st Sir Rucifer
July 10th Submissive Sparrow

New photos of Mistress LeeAnne

Pain is mandatory. Suffering is optional. Those are words Mistress LeeAnn lives by, and so will you -if you choose to enter her world of exotic fetishism, exacting punishments, and highly imaginative torments. LeeAnn has a deviously creative mind and sadistic fantasies, and she revels in expanding the limits of her playthings. Come in and play… you may not want to leave. See here new photos here

Please welcome new Submissive Evvy

Submissive Evvy has just joined us and she would love to meet you. She is a young, light to medium player who is new to the world of Doms and Subs. She wants you to teach her about this world of fantasy and to test her limits in any way you deem necessary for my submissive education. This petite Half Spanish and half Irish lass has curves in all the right and she loves being tickled! See her page here….

Photo updates from Switch Natalie

Stunning new photos of Switch Natalie have just been added to her page. Skilled and capable in the art of BDSM, she enjoys a variety of activities, including: Tickle sessions, Spanking, Sensation Play, Role Play, Bondage, Foot fetish and so much more… Click here to take a look.

Switch Maddison’s Updated Profile Page

Switch Maddison has indulged us with a set of brand spanking new photos, along with an updated page profile. As a Dominant Switch, Maddison is a walking contrast: a quintessential girl next door, housing an immeasurably kinky human being. To find out what some of her favorite explorations in kink are: click here.

More updates from Switch Lulu

Switch Lulu has a great new set of photos on her page for you to enjoy. Nothing pleases this exotic, petite Latina more than to order a grown man to bend over her lap while she delivers a sturdy paddling. Lulu is also fond of bondage, discipline, foot fetish, tickling and roleplay and is excited to explore new kinky thrills with you! Check out her new pictures here…

New Photo of our Male Dom, Sir Rucifer!

Sir Rucifer delights us with a new photo on his page. So handsome… who wouldn’t want to bent over that lap? Whether you are looking to learn BDSM skills, engage in creative roleplay or are a couple wanting to learn how to spice things up, Sir Rucifer lives for getting his skilled hands on the curious and eager. Visit his page for more information and to see his new pic!

New photos of Mistress Isabel

If you dare to walk the line with Mistress Isabel in command, your perceived boundaries will dissolve, blurring reality with fantasy. Her petite 5’3″ frame & tender smile are only one side of this powerhouse Domina. She is a compassionate disciplinarian who understands that trust is key. Mistress Isabel expects absolute respect and obedience. In return she will tend to your subspace with grace.
Click here to see her new photos…

Welcome Back Switch Lex!

Great news! Switch Lex so enjoyed her recent visit that she’s decided to come back and play at The Dominion on a regular basis! How long has it been since you’ve been fantasizing about spending time with her? Now is your chance to make the call. See Lex’s photos and find out more about how this fun Switch likes to play on her page here.

More of Submissive Barbie

Submissive Barbie has added a cute new picture to her page. This petite Eastern European sweetheart with golden bleach blonde long hair and beautiful Barbie looks is a natural submissive. She loves roleplay, dress-up, tickling, paddles, crops, hair pulling, and is always in need of some good old fashioned over-the-knee spanking. See more on her page…

Update from Submissive Violet

Submissive Violet is a lifestyle submissive, ready to receive your discipline. A medium player, she loves bare handed spanking, flogging and riding crops on her golden brown skin. She can lose herself in a range of roleplay scenarios, naughty student being her favorite! You’ll also find she’s quite ticklish! She looks forward to meeting and serving you soon! See her new photos here…

New Pictures of Submissive Abbey

Submissive Abbey has just posted new photos to her page. She yearns to earn her place at the feet of her master. She looks forward with nervous excitement to the many spankings, punishments and role play scenarios that await her. Will she be a good student or a naughty brat? Come in and meet her to find out!

A new look for Submissive CeCe

Submissive CeCe is a true sub by nature. A medium player, she gets excited at testing her limits. What she love most is role playing, especially dressing up like a naughty school girl, the cute girl next door, or your feisty kitten who needs to be tamed. She’ll be ever so obedient as she hands over her leash so you can punish her as you see fit! Click here for more of CeCe...

More pics of Submissive Katya

Submissive Katya’s veins run thick with the wild blood of a Russian gypsy. She is a tiny young thing with luscious curves, and she longs to be tamed once and for all: tie her limbs together, tickle her, send her to her knees or over yours for a wide handed spanking. She loves roleplay, dressing up, and surrendering to a medium-light level of pain. Please Sir, won’t you teach her the things she needs to know? Click here for her new pics…

New photos of Submissive Marina

New pics are and bio are now up for Submissive Marina! Do you delight in flogging a strong yet supple maid’s back who’s been naughty and stolen the silver? Do you enjoy cropping a lady’s bottom until it’s warm and pink? Marina is the lady for you. If you enjoy tickling, she’s very ticklish all over. This half Russian, half Mexican California girls is ready and willing to serve you.See her page here.

Welcome back, Switch Foxxy Lambrusco!

Switch Foxxy Lambrusco is back and we couldn’t be more excited! You may have seen her in videos produced by Centurion, Harmony, SoleAdore, PieFight Girls, or Home Made Media, or perhaps you’ve played with her here in the past. Foxxy is a devout lover of all things kink. She holds a special place in her heart for foot, stocking, and shoe/boot lovers. She also enjoys bottoming for specific kinds of play or for very skilled players. To find out more, visit Foxxy’s page here!

New pictures for you from Mistress Hudsy Hawn

Mistress Hudsy Hawn delights us with more new photos on her page. Whether you prefer her in shiny latex with ravishing red locks or being deceptively cute in her black wig ensemble, this gorgeous Mistress is sure to bring you to your knees. See her latest here…

A new exotic blend… meet Submissive Zoey

Although Submissive Zoey is new to the lifestyle, she enjoys pushing her limits and trying new things. An exotic blend of Puerto Rican and Japanese, she is a light to medium player ready to be disciplined. Zoey loves to lose herself in role play or a good spanking. Her Latina blood makes her naturally rebellious and she’ll need you to put her in her place. See more here on Zoey’s page.

“50 Shades of Play” Instructional Special for Couples

Kink-curious and a little bewildered about how to get started? The Dominion has an amazing offer for couples eager to amp up their erotic experience with some BDSM play. Our 50 Shades of Play special is a 1-hour, two-part session for just $150 -30 minutes of personalized instruction on the BDSM basics with the Mistress or Switch of your choice, followed by 30 minutes of private play time to test out your brand spanking new skills!

Now hiring submissive ladies!

The Dominion has immediate openings for submissive ladies into the lifestyle who are in need of proper training. This is your opportunity to work at one of the most respected roleplay clubs in the world! All of our ladies are trained to meet the high standards of our establishment, so no experience is necessary to get started, though you do need to have knowledge and understanding of the BDSM lifestyle.

To request an interview, send an introductory email to In your email, tell us about yourself, a brief history of your BDSM experiences, your work availability, and include any references or other information which might be useful. If you have a website please include your link, and please attach a few current photos of yourself. We look forward to hearing from you!

Ride Metro to The Dominion!

Great news! The new Expo line of the Los Angeles Metro is now open, and The Dominion is located one block from the Culver City stop! Now we are even easier to get to from anywhere in town… just hop on the Expo line and ride the rails right to our door! (Click for more information about the Culver City Metro station)

The Try Guys try ‘Fifty Shades’ style BDSM with Mistress Hudsy Hawn!

The Try Guys try BDSM and get in a little over their heads! Curious? Watch the fun video below featuring The Dominion’s own Mistress Hudsy Hawn.

Take a virtual tour of The Dominion!

Lisa Ling from the “Our America” show recently took a tour of The Dominion. For those of you haven’t been in our gorgeous dungeon yet, you can now watch the short video below for a virtual tour lead by Mistress Snow Mercy. Check it out and see what you’ve been missing!