Updates from Mistress Stephanie Locke

Mistress Stephanie Locke has added lovely new photos to her page. In other fantastic news, Stephanie is now added Saturday's at The Dominion to her schedule! You can now find her holding court here on Friday's from 7:30 to midnight, and now also on Saturday's from 1 to 6pm. She looks forward to your next visit!

New view of Switch Remy

Switch Remy has frisky new photos on her page. As a submissive, she love a good spanking. She's also extremely ticklish! Just the lightest touch on her feet or sides will have her writhing and screaming. She would also be elated to turn the tables on you and takes great delight in punishing her subs. She'll giggle in joy when she gets revenge after a firm spanking!

Vroom, vroom… new photos of Switch Kitty!

Switch Kitty has new photos on her page for you to enjoy! Now playing from both sides of the paddle, Kitty loves to show off her dominant side, while still more than happy to be your submissive little kitty should you wish to be in charge. Take a look at her new pics, we're sure they'll rev your engine!

New photos of Madame Phoenix

British Madame Phoenix has added new photos to her page. If you've ever wanted to worship at the altar of a dominant and gorgeous black goddess, your fantasy just became a reality. Check out her gorgeous 'fro and lusciously long legs on her page...

Closed Easter Sunday

The Dominion will be closed for Easter, this Sunday, April 20th. Hop on in to play with our bunnies any time before or after!

More updates from Mistress Hudsy Hawn

Mistress Hudsy Hawn has just posted new photos, an updated bio and new videos to her page. Her greatest pleasure comes from making your deepest fantasies a reality. She lives for exploring your limits inside total power exchange so if anyone misbehaves and needs correction, not to worry -her favorite props are nearby and versatile for your discipline. See more...

Updates from Submissive Kirsten

Submissive Kirsten is a true Southern California girl, sporting blonde hair, green eyes, a thin waist and curves in all the right places. Concealed under this archetypal California beauty is a secretly submissive girl who only feels alive when she is pleasing you, Sir, and completing your every request “to the t”. She lives to please. Visit her page to find out what else she likes to do...

New photos of Submissive Daisy

Submissive Daisy has brand new photos on her page. This petite Southern girl absolutely loves being tickled, spanked, and tied up. She's also really into roleplay... would you please share your fantasy with her?

Say hello to Switch Asia

Switch Asia is new to The Dominion. She is a sultry blend of Asian flavors and possesses a thick, muscular, curvaceous canvas for you to carry out your deepest kink on. She also has a dominant essence that is sure to fulfill your need for submission. Visit her page to see her photos and learn more...

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April 12th Switch Brandy
April 13th Mistress Snow Mercy

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New photos of Mistress Snow Mercy

Mistress Snow Mercy has two lovely new photos on her page. Slinky and seductive in latex from head to toe, or stunning in black & white with her slave restrained nice and tight, Snow is a Domina who truly has it all. Visit her page for much more...

Please welcome new Submissive Lyra

Submissive Lyra is brand new to The Dominion. She's a light to medium player and secretly can't wait to be caught misbehaving on the chance that you might pull her over your knee and show her who's in command. Lyra is anxious to serve you and to follow your orders. Come visit our naughtiest new addition... she's craving some domination!

Updates from Switch Alison Miller

Switch Alison Miller has new photos on her page. Check out this Firm Hand cutie in her shiny, shiny latex and corset! From disciplinarian to playful vixen, she'll be your girl next door, dangerous bad girl or dominating domestic goddess. Come play with her... what games will you play?

New photos from Submissive Maggie

New photos and an updated profile from Submissive Maggie. This cute, young college girl loves to learn new things and is easy to train. She’s happy to have her little bubbly bottom spanked and she’s also very ticklish. Tickle her from head to toe and you’ll have her squealing and laughing till she can hardly breathe! She loves to cater to her master’s needs... visit her page for more.

Jessie is now a Switch!

Switch Jessie is sometimes sassy, sometimes sweet... but she's always got something up her sleeve. Don’t let the grin fool you, behind it is a devious little ebony nymphet who loves to dish out a good punishment just as much as receiving one. Visit her page for updated info and a new set of photos...

New photos of Switch Leticia

Switch Leticia enjoys both sides of play. Some of her favorite implements include riding crops, paddles and restraints for total control. She likes sessions that are fun and playful, also stern and demanding... what mood are you in?

Hawaiian beauty Malani is now a Switch!

Are you going to try to teach this Hawaiian beauty a lesson? You’ll have to try hard. Switch Malani has got skills and she’ll turn the tables on you. No matter what you think you may have in store for her, you’re going to end up putty in her long nailed hands. Whether you’re attempting to bend her over your knee or begging to kiss her feet, one thing’s for sure; you will leave knowing that you are hers. Visit her page for an update profile and new photos...

Hedera is now a Switch!

Congratulations to Switch Hedera on her new position... payback is a bitch! Inside this petite innocent looking girl there’s a sadistic dominant waiting to inflict pain and punishment on you. Will you kneel and worship her beautifully arched feet?

New photos of Submissive CherriO!

Submissive Cherrio has new photos and an updated profile on her page. Do you enjoy giving orders? Being told what to do is something that she gets very excited about, and she can’t help but giggle when you bend her over your knee for a good spanking. Visit her page to find out more of what makes her smile...

Updates from Submissive Lily

Submissive Lily has new photos and a new profile up on her page. She is a true submissive at heart, always eager to please and truly happy when she's serving you, Sir. Please visit her page to see more...

Come meet new Submissive Adeline

Gentlemen, we need your help training Submissive Adeline. She's a real firecracker in need of constant discipline. Perhaps you’ll start with some protocol training? Due to her natural inclination towards mischief this will most likely have to be accompanied by spanking, flogging, light bondage and some sharp hair-pulling. There is so much she has yet to try- perhaps you could be the one to take her to new horizons?

More photos of Submissive Willow

Submissive Willow is here to obey your every command. Maybe the Goldilocks or Taylor Swift of BDSM, she has a little fit body, golden spun curls, ocean blue eyes, and freckled ivory pale skin that easily turns pink. She wants to be your college cutie, your obedient submissive, your naughty girl that needs to be punished. Visit her page for more...

New pics of Switch Aria

Switch Aria's photos are a foot fetishist's dream come true! Visit her page to see her sexy footsies in action, along with her extremely spankable bottom. This lovely Latina switch has it all!

New photos of Submissive Dollie

Submissive Dollie has just posted three new photos for your pleasure, and she eagerly awaits making your acquaintance. This new subby is still learning and discovering. What have you got to teach her, Sir?

More photos of Submissive Grace

New Submissive Grace has just added more photos to her page. She hopes you will enjoy them Sir, and come in and meet her soon!

New photos from Switch Siren

Switch Siren: from her Irish red hair to her Spanish round hips, she will lure you in with more than just her seductive voice. Whether you've got her voluptuous bottom across your knee for a good spanking, or the tables turned and she's got you on your knees begging for mercy, a session with Switch Siren is sure to tickle your fancy.

New photos of Sir Rucifer!

New photos of our in-house male Dom, Sir Rucifer! Whether you are looking to learn BDSM skills, engage in creative roleplay or are a couple wanting to learn how to spice things up, Sir Rucifer lives for getting his skilled hands on the curious and eager. Visit his page to see more!

The Return of Mistress Vanity

Great news! Mistress Vanity is now back at The Dominion! This lifestyle dominatrix and a sensual sadist will take you to your limits and keep you begging for more. She loves it when a man knows his place... at her feet! When will you cross the threshold and present yourself? She does not like to be kept waiting!

Brand new photos Switch Natalie

Switch Natalie delights us with a new set of photos on her page, as well as an updated profile. Click through to find out what Natalie thinks about being hog tied and just what kinds of spankings are her favorite!

“50 Shades of Play” Instructional Special for Couples

Kink-curious and a little bewildered about how to get started? The Dominion has an amazing offer for couples eager to amp up their erotic experience with some BDSM play. Our 50 Shades of Play special is a 1-hour, two-part session for just $150 -30 minutes of personalized instruction on the BDSM basics with the Mistress or Switch of your choice, followed by 30 minutes of private play time to test out your brand spanking new skills!

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Ride Metro to The Dominion!

Great news! The new Expo line of the Los Angeles Metro is now open, and The Dominion is located one block from the Culver City stop! Now we are even easier to get to from anywhere in town... just hop on the Expo line and ride the rails right to our door! (Click for more information about the Culver City Metro station)

Take a virtual tour of The Dominion!

Lisa Ling from the "Our America" show recently took a tour of The Dominion. For those of you haven't been in our gorgeous dungeon yet, you can now watch the short video below for a virtual tour lead by Mistress Snow Mercy. Check it out and see what you've been missing!