Valentine’s Day Hours

Please note that on Valentine’s Day, Sunday, Feb. 14th, we will be closing early at 6pm. We hope to see you before then to redden some of our ladies heart-shaped bottoms… how romantic!


New photos of Submissive Eve

Submissive Eve has two new photos on her page for you to enjoy. Eve is a natural submissive, a light to medium player who longs to have her boundaries pushed. Consider her a canvas for whatever your heart desires, whether it’s slim wrists and ankles to bind, a round porcelain bottom to spank, a tight tummy to tickle (she’s VERY ticklish!), a full head of red curly hair to pull, or an arched back to drip wax and ice on. Or perhaps a little role playing? Please allow Eve the honor to bring your wildest fantasies to life.

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A new photo from Switch Abbey

Switch Abbey has a new photo on her page for you to enjoy. As a submissive her only mission is to serve you, Sir. This slave has been properly trained as an obedient Gorean kajira, and will strive to please her master. As a top, we suggest you don’t underestimate her. Abbey’s experience as a submissive has given her a vast education of protocol and slave training that she would just love to pass on to a lowly slave boy. With strict punishment for any disobedience, of course! Will Switch Abbey be your dream come true, or your worst nightmare?

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Playing Dress-Up With Submissive Lucille

Submissive Lucille loves to dress up in costumes. Her new photos show off one of her cute new looks. This curvaceous lifestyle sub comes with a Rubenesque figure that is built to serve and obey. A solid medium player, she enjoys being spanking & paddled on her ample bottom, role play, being tickled, tied up, humiliated… whatever kind of play it takes to fulfill your deviant needs!

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New Photos of Submissive Keda

Submissive Keda is a sweet Midwestern girl with just a little bit of feistiness. Being a lifestyle player, she is a solid medium bottom. She loves the feel of leather or rope and melts at the sight of a flogger or paddle. Grab her by the hair and rub ice over one of her tattoos. She is also extremely ticklish. Keda can’t wait to meet and serve you!

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New Submissive Puppet

Standing at 6’1″ tall, new Submissive Puppet is nothing to be intimidated by. Spanking, flogging, whipping, and tickling will make her melt with joy and the desire to serve you. Puppet is new to BDSM but this naughty schoolgirl learns fast. She enjoys light to medium play and will wiggle & giggle when you warm her tushy with your firm, commanding strikes. Being able to serve you and fulfill your needs as your submissive is her top priority. Visit her page for more.

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Violet is now Switch Wicked!

You enjoyed her as Submissive Violet… now get to know her dominant side as she transforms into Switch Wicked! She is happiest with a flogger in hand, but also loves to wield paddles, crops, canes, rods, and if you’re lucky, a Whartenberg pinwheel. Do you want to crossdress for her? Do you desire to worship her manicured size 9 1/2 feet? Wicked can also be your headmistress or your boss, and YOU have crossed the line, mister! Enjoy Wicked’s new photos and find out more about how she likes to play on her page here…

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New Photos of Mistress Yhenna

Mistress Yhenna has just posted gorgeous new photos to her page. She is a lifestyle Domina who plays passionately and playfully, and she is always open to explore unique fantasies. Couples are welcome and encouraged. Some of her favorite forms of play including: Bondage, OTK, Tickling, Corporal, Fantasy Wrestling, Humiliation, Feminization, Slave Training, Mummification, Foot fetishes, Smoking, and so much more.

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