New Photos of Switch Foxxy

Switch Foxxy has a sexy set of new photos on her page. She enjoys fetishists of all varieties, and holds a special place in her heart for foot, stocking, and shoe/boot lovers. Foxxy brings years of experience and honed skill to your session. For the masochist, she is highly skilled with the tools of the trade. Foxxy does on occasion submit to bottoming for specific kinds of play or for very skilled players. Read on to find out much more about Foxxy and see her new photos…

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Please welcome Submissive Jane

Submissive Jane is the girl next door who needs you to help her break out of her shell as she learns to explore pleasure through pain. Due to her Southern roots she can sometimes be a little sassy and will need a firm hand (or paddle) to put her in her place. Teaching her a lesson and watch her eagerly obey your every command. She lives for role play and would love to be your neighbor, bratty school girl, sexy librarian, or anything your heart yearns for. She is out to please and serve you.

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Meet New Submissive Tara

Submissive Tara is a new submissive and eager to learn. As mature woman in her 30’s, she is ready to feed those fantasies you might have of a mother, nurse, secretary, librarian, aunt, or housewife that needs to be punished for being naughty… oh so very, very naughty. She can dress up and play out any fantasy you may have, whether it be an over the knee spanking, a long bout of tickling, or a good hearty flogging, she is ready and willing to serve you.

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New Pictures of Submissive Lana

Outside these walls Submissive Lana is usually the one in charge, but here she bends to your will and strives to please you. She enjoys role-playing, spankings, floggings, and even a good slap across the face. If she’s really bad, she may need to be tied up. Intrigued? Visit her page to see her new photos…

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Abbey has been promoted to Switch!

Abbey is now a Switch and ready to give it as good as she takes it! As a submissive her only mission is to serve you, Sir. This slave has been properly trained as an obedient Gorean kajira, and will strive to please her master. As a top, we suggest you don’t underestimate her. Abbey’s experience as a submissive has given her a vast education of protocol and slave training that she would just love to pass on to a lowly slave boy. With strict punishment for any disobedience, of course! Will Switch Abbey be your dream come true, or your worst nightmare?

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Spanking Machine

Meet our new Spanking Machine!

Our ladies cannot get enough of the new Spanking Machine! Give your hand a rest and put your favorite subbie to the test with a good automatic smacking… or perhaps one of our Dominas will use it to put you in your place? See Submissive Abby trying it out in The Vault.

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Submissive Barbie’s New Bangs

Our Eastern European sweetheart Submissive Barbie just got an adorable new haircut… who can resist a cute girl with bangs? She’d love to play the girl next door for you, her pig tail braids could use a sharp pull. She is also usually always in need of a good old fashioned over-the-knee spanking.

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Announcing the Return of Mistress Yhenna!

You’ve been asking after her and now your wishes have come true! We are pleased to let you know that Mistress Yhenna is returning to The Dominion! Yhenna is a lifestyle Domina who plays passionately and playfully, and she is always open to explore unique fantasies. Couples are welcome and encouraged. Some of her favorite forms of play including: Bondage, OTK, Tickling, Corporal, Fantasy Wrestling, Humiliation, Feminization, Slave Training, Mummification, Foot fetishes, Smoking, and so much more.

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Welcome New Submissive Gabriella

Submissive Gabriella has just joined us. This sensual sub has a deep longing to serve and to please her master. Her slim body, exotic features, and quiet smile are just the very beginning. Her long legs and round bottom are awaiting the firm spankings she needs to be a good girl. Whether your passion is the power exchange between your Dominance and her submission, gifting her with the experience of light to medium pain, or tickling her bound body as she giggles uncontrollably, fulfilling your wishes is her ultimate desire as your submissive.

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