New photos of Switch Sky

Switch Sky has new photos on her page for you to enjoy. There is no fantasy too big or small for this Amazon! Whether you are looking for a sweet submissive at your service or a strict but fair Lady to serve, Sky is here for you. She delights in figuring out your fantasies and in finding creative ways to fulfill them. Visit Sky’s page to see more…

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New photos of Switch Lana

New photos have just been added to Switch Lana’s page. As a lifestyle Switch, Lana’s dark sadistic side and her innocent submissive side exist in perfect harmony. As a long-distance runner she has a petite, athletic frame, and endurance for both giving and receiving pain. While at first I she may appear slight, her strike can be brutal and her ample behind can take a beating! Visit her page to see more….

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Malani is now Mistress Harley

Mistress Harley is her new name, but her sadistic nature remains the same. After 10 years in the Marine Corps, Harley knows many torturous, fun, and demeaning “hoops” for you to jump through. It brings her great joy to watch your face flicker from pleasure to pain as she does what she wishes to you. Harley enjoys humiliating sissy boys, bondage, caning, flogging, OTK, and almost anything her kinky mind can fantasize. Click here to see her new photos.

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Submissive Ramona is ready to serve!

How may Submissive Ramona serve you? Will she be crawling to you across the floor dressed as your favorite slave princess? Perhaps her naughty schoolgirl outfit is more your kink? Ramona stands six feet tall in her stockinged feet, and taller than most men in her highest heels, but she is quick to fall to her knees and eager to gratify your command. She has a sturdy & fleshy behind and spankings make her tremble with excitement. Tickle her until she squeals or punish her until she cries! See Ramona’s new pictures by clicking here.

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New photos of Mistress Mina

Mistress Mina has just added new photos to her page for you to enjoy. Mina enjoys a wide range of play and her style is cutting edge. Bondage, suspension, and creative artistic role plays are some of her favorites. Mina is an expert Domina, and if need be, you will be disciplined without hesitation. Click here to see her page.

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Switching It Up With Dolliah!

Congratulations to Switch Dolliah on her new position! Don’t let her doll-like petite appearance fool you… she’s a little devil underneath the playful smile and curious blue eyes. As a dominant she loves to cane bad boys, and spank them till they’re nice and rosy. As a submissive Dolliah is a brat, always looking for ways to get into trouble… and to be punished for it! How would you like to play?

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Welcome New Submissive Ruby

Help us welcome new Submissive Ruby! Fresh from Scotland, this little lass is very curious and hungry for someone to show her the ropes in the BDSM world. Petite and adorable, she’s perfect for playfully tossing around like a doll and is incredibly ticklish! She also loves bondage and all sorts of impact toys which quickly make her light Celtic skin blush. Ruby looks forward to serving you! See more here…

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New pics of Submissive Yumi

Submissive Yumi has adorable new photos on her page for you to enjoy. This 24/7 lifestyle sub is Korean and Japanese by heritage and though she is intrinsically obedient in nature, she still requires more training to achieve her goal of full submission. Enjoy her squeals of delight as you tickle her sensitive feet, or the tears in her eyes as you spank her bottom from a blushing pink to a rosey red. Yumi’s one goal is to please you, Sir. Click here to see her page.

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Stormy weather ahead!

Congratulations to Switch Stormy who is ready to unleash her Dominant side! Stormy is in her element as a sensual Domina, using a sweet whisper to convey her fiendish creativity. Allow Stormy to bring your most cherished fantasy to life with intricately detailed, vivid descriptions of your dream scenes. As your submissive, she is still eager to yield to your desires as a light to medium player who enjoys restraints & bondage, tickling, roleplay, slave training, NT, impact play and more. Click here for her new photos and updated profile.

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