Meet New Submissive Taylor

All that Submissive Taylor wants is to be a good girl for you, but sometimes she’s just a brat. Taylor is new to the kink/fetish world and she wants to experience the whole menu, so please teach her how you like to play. She may smile while being spanked, or having her hair pulled, because she knows it means you are pleased with her. She also enjoys being tickled, humiliated, and told what to do. Please train her to be the good girl she never was in school. Your wish is her command. See more of Taylor here…

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New photos of Switch Lulu

Switch Lulu has two new photos on her page for you to enjoy. Nothing pleases this exotic, petite Latina more than to order a grown man to bend over her lap while she delivers a sturdy paddling. Lulu is also fond of bondage, discipline, foot fetish, tickling and roleplay and is excited to explore new kinky thrills with you!

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3 Wishes for Submissive Lucille

Submissive Lucille loves to dress up in costumes. Her new photos show off not only her cute new genie outfit, but also her luscious curves. This lifestyle sub comes with a Rubenesque figure that is built to serve and obey. What 3 wishes will you ask of this servant girl? She is bound to your service!

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Welcome Submissive Ivy

Submissive Ivy is new on staff at The Dominion and cannot wait to serve you. Come sample her exotic allure. Pull her black, silky hair and slap her ivory face. Though she is petite, she is quite strong for her size and loves a good challenge. Tie her up tight, or she might just find a way to slip out of your bondage. A light player, she enjoys role play, impact play, and obedience training. Teach Ivy how to serve you.

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Please welcome Mistress Morgan

Say hello to Mistress Morgan. She is a well-versed, playful, intuitive young mistress with years of quality experience in both New York and San Francisco. Morgan is very drawn to fetish exploration, roleplay and BDSM, and revels in both the lighter, playful scenes, and the deeply cathartic release of heavier scenes. She stands tall and slender and boasts a variety of interests and capabilities. She can’t wait to meet you!

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New photo from Switch Delta

The first thing you may notice about Switch Delta is her coy smile as she greets you. Then you begin to notice her finely muscled shoulders and arms and moving down you see her trim waist, toned abs and powerful thighs and legs, ending in elegant size 8 feet with lovely high arches. Tall and imposing in heels, she stands well over 6 feet. You will feel a delicious sense of intimidation at her amazonian stature. A natural Switch, Delta can handle herself quite nicely as both a top and a bottom… visit her page to find out what she has in store for you!

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New Photos of Switch Mara

Switch Mara hails from international waters with Chinese, Filipino, and Spanish blood. This exotic Switch has a solid medium pain tolerance. As a top Mara is sensual player with a heavily sadistic side– get ready for an immense amount of tease and denial! As a bottom she has an affinity for thuddy leather paddles, floggers, and a firm hand spanking her full bottom. For more of what Mara is into, click here to see her page.

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