New photos of Mistress Lex

New photos of Mistress Lex have just been added to her page! Do you like implement play? Spanking and flogging are Lex’s favorite, and she loves to use her personal cane on her favorite submissives. Will you bear her marks? How sadistic can she be with you? Will you get excited when Lex laughs at you? She’ll bring in her friends to point at and humiliate you if you’d like. Do you want to find out how many of her toes can fit in your mouth? Lex is waiting…

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Mistress Morgan is back!

Mistress Morgan is back on schedule, and to celebrate, she has added new photos and an updated profile to her page. She is a well-versed, playful, intuitive young mistress with years of experience in both New York and San Francisco. Morgan is very drawn to fetish exploration, roleplay and BDSM, and revels in both the lighter, playful scenes, and the deeply cathartic release of heavier scenes. She stands tall and slender and boasts a variety of interests and capabilities. See Morgan’s page here…

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New Submissive Bambi

New Submissive Bambi has just joined us. Long legged and slender, Bambi is a natural submissive and lifestyle slave. She loves to be tied up & controlled by a strong dominant and it makes her happy to be of service and fulfill your fantasies. She can be your obedient slave, naughty or bratty school girl, or your playful little doe-eyed pet. It’s all up to you and your wish is her command. Bambi looks forward to playing with you & exceeding your expectations.

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New pics of Submissive Yumi

Submissive Yumi has adorable new photos on her page for you to enjoy. This 24/7 lifestyle sub is new to the pro-sub scene. She is Korean and Japanese by heritage and though she is intrinsically obedient in nature, she still requires more training to achieve her goal of full submission. Enjoy her squeals of delight as you tickle her sensitive feet, or the tears in her eyes as you spank her bottom from a blushing pink to a rosey red. Yumi’s one goal is to please you, Sir. Click here to see her page.

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Updates from Submissive Fifi

Submissive Fifi has a new profile and photos just added to her page. A bit shy due to her European upbringing, she opens up like an exotic rose at the prospect of proper training. Over-thirty with life experience, Fifi loves a good flogging and a spanking when she’s been naughty. Light to medium play for now, until you teach her more. Roleplay, bondage, tickling, the feel of candle wax on her athletic body and doing double sessions with the other ladies are things she enjoys immensely. I would enjoy them even more with you.Visit Fifi’s page here

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New photos from Mistress Marina

Congratulations to Mistress Marina who is now exclusively a Dom! Her philosophy of domination through corporal play and punishment is to deliver every blow with love and positive Goddess energy. Marina’s favorite corporal methods are flogging, caning, cropping, and giving bare-handed spankings. She also loves bondage and role play. Her favorite sessions are playful and sensual, with an “ouch” factor that’s just right for you in the moment. Visit her page to learn more…..

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