Say hello to Submissive Yumi

Submissive Yumi is a 24/7 lifestyle sub who is new to the pro-sub scene. She is Korean and Japanese by heritage and though she is intrinsically obedient in nature, she still requires more training to achieve her goal of full submission. Enjoy her squeals of delight as you tickle her sensitive feet, or the tears in her eyes as you spank her bottom from a blushing pink to a rosey red. Yumi’s one goal is to please you, Sir.

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Congratulations to Switch Zoey

Congratulations Switch Zoey on passing her Switch test! Zoey describes herself as an exotic, intelligent and confident Puerto Rican princess. This feisty Latina is known for being rebellious and wild and now with the title of Switch, her sadistic dominant side and her bratty submissive side make her the perfect sensual sadist! Visit her page to see new photos and an updated profile.

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Meet New Submissive Lorelei

Submissive Lorelei is naturally submissive and happiest when serving her dominant. Having spent a few years in the lifestyle, her need to serve and obey continues to grow. She is extremely obedient, but has been known to let her brattiness out now and then. Luckily, she also loves being punished, especially when involving floggers, paddles, or just a firm hand. As a light to medium player, she welcomes any other forms of punishment you may want to implement. Lorelei looks forward to helping you fulfill your deepest and darkest desires.

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Submissive CeCe back on schedule!

Submissive Cece is back at The Dominion on a regular basis… and she’s now a brunette! Cece is true submissive by nature. Her bottom has turned pale from lack of getting spankings so she would love if you could help change that to a pretty pink! Cece loves roleplay, bondage, being obedient, and submitting to your punishments when she’s not. Help us welcome her back!

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Submissive Ramona is ready to serve!

Submissive Ramona has cute photos up in her new French Maid outfit. How may she serve you? Ramona stands six feet tall in her stockinged feet, and taller than most men in her highest heels, but she is quick to fall to her knees and eager to gratify your command. She has a sturdy & fleshy behind and spankings make her tremble with excitement. Tickle her until she squeals or punish her until she cries! See Ramona’s new pictures by clicking here.

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Meet Submissive Scarlett

Submissive Scarlett is sweet and petite at only 5’1′ with long blond hair and hazel eyes. She is a brand new submissive in desperate need of proper training. Scarlett will do her best to serve you, but her inexperience will require a strong master to bring out her obedient side. She is very much look forward to meeting you.

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Updates from Submissive Lucille

Submissive Lucille has just updated her page with a new profile and photo set. With her new hair color, we think you’ll find that in Lucille’s case, gentlemen do prefer blondes! With her ample bottom and luscious curves, Lucille’s Rubenesque figure serves as a playground for all flavors of play. A kinky girl at heart and a total pleaser, Lucille would love to have fun with you! See her page here…

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A page for Submissive Fifi!

Say Bonjour to new Submissive Fifi! A bit shy due to her European upbringing, she is excited by the prospect of proper training. She enjoys a good flogging and a spanking when she’s been a naughty mademoiselle. Light to medium play for now, until you teach her more. She loves roleplay, the feel of wax on her athletic body and a tickle or two. Fifi speaks Spanish, Polish and Greek, and she’ll even put on a convincing French accent just for you! Visit Fifi’s page here

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New photos of Submissive Dolliah

Submissive Dolliah has added new photos to her page for you to enjoy! She’s a petite little thing at only 5′ tall, though very busty, with big blue eyes full of devotion and curiosity. She can be very sweet with the right spank to her cute little tush but she can also turn into a mischievous brat! Punish her just right and she’ll be wrapped around your finger. She is very eager to meet her new master or mistress!

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