Say Bonjour to Submissive Fifi!

Say Bonjour to new Submissive Fifi! A bit shy due to her European upbringing, she is excited by the prospect of proper training. She enjoys a good flogging and a spanking when she’s been a naughty mademoiselle. Light to medium play for now, until you teach her more. She loves roleplay, the feel of wax on her athletic body and a tickle or two. Fifi speaks Spanish, Polish and Greek, and she’ll even put on a convincing French accent just for you! Stay tuned for more pictures and info coming soon… in the meantime come on in and say hello!


A page for Submissive Peaches

Submissive Peaches now has a page of photos and a profile for you to enjoy. Ready and eager for proper training, Peaches has longed for a strong master to teach her the ways of the BDSM world since she was a schoolgirl. This light to medium player wants to fulfill all of your desires. Peaches adores roleplay and can be anything from a bashful French maid (who speaks fluent French!) to a naughty secretary or anything else that tickles your fancy. She loves to be spanked, flogged, and tickled as well as teased with hot wax and/or ice. See her page here.

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Please welcome Submissive Astrid

Submissive Astrid is new to the BDSM community, but she already knows that she love to be punished, especially with spanking, paddling, flogging and cropping. She has never had a master or mistress to teach her how to behave, and while often a brat, she needs someone to put her in her place. Astrid is very eager to learn and serve… visit her page for more!

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New Photos of Switch Remy

Switch Remy has new photos on her page for you to enjoy. As your Dominant, she takes great pleasure in inflicting pain. Remy craves a boy who craves a caning. Is that you? Her firm hand is made for punishing naughty boys with a good spanking over her knee. While you admire the view of her long, elegant legs, she’ll bestow upon you the punishment that you deserve. As a submissive, the tantalizing sensation being wrapped in bondage will make her yours. Spank her into a state of bliss or tickle her until she writhes and giggles! Come find out more here on Remy’s page.

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Please welcome Submissive Dolliah

Submissive Dolliah joins us this week! She’s a petite little thing at only 5′ tall, though very busty, with big blue eyes full of devotion and curiosity. She can be very sweet with the right spank to her cute little tush but she can also turn into a mischievous brat! Punish her just right and she’ll be wrapped around your finger. She is very eager to meet her new master or mistress! Come meet Dolliah…

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