Meet New Submissive Aries

New Submissive Aries is very eager to make your acquaintance. This slender young woman of Native American and European ancestry has long, lean legs, an ample bottom, and she loves to play! Though she may seem shy at first, Aries is a willing submissive, fresh and pink here at The Dominion. Eager to be trained, commanded, and dominated by the right master. Click here to her page and help us give her a warm welcome!

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New photos of Mistress Malani

Mistress Malani in her military attire is ready to put you in your place! Do you desire a stern school mistress that will pull you OTK and give you a few good pats? Someone to teach you how to be a good little sub? Or maybe a naughty housewife who is in control of the home? Want to be bound and tied begging for forgiveness? Blindfolded and led around by a leash? Malani will smother you, collar train you, and make sure you know you are hers when you leave. Are you worth of being allowed to worship her feet and beautiful caramel skin? Click here to see her new photos.

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New photos of Submissive Dolliah

Submissive Dolliah has added new photos to her page for you to enjoy! She’s a petite little thing at only 5′ tall, though very busty, with big blue eyes full of devotion and curiosity. She can be very sweet with the right spank to her cute little tush but she can also turn into a mischievous brat! Punish her just right and she’ll be wrapped around your finger. She is very eager to meet her new master or mistress!

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Mistress Marina… now a Dom!

Congratulations to Mistress Marina who is now exclusively a Dom! Her philosophy of domination through corporal play and punishment is to deliver every blow with love and positive Goddess energy. Marina’s favorite corporal methods are flogging, caning, cropping, and giving bare-handed spankings. She also loves bondage and role play. Her favorite sessions are playful and sensual, with an “ouch” factor that’s just right for you in the moment. Visit her page to learn more…..

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New pictures of Mistress Isabel

If you dare to walk the line with Mistress Isabel in command, your perceived boundaries will dissolve, blurring reality with fantasy. Her petite 5’3″ frame & tender smile are only one side of this powerhouse Domina. She is a compassionate disciplinarian who understands that trust is key. Mistress Isabel expects absolute respect and obedience. In return she will tend to your subspace with grace.

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Say hello to Submissive Yumi

Submissive Yumi is a 24/7 lifestyle sub who is new to the pro-sub scene. She is Korean and Japanese by heritage and though she is intrinsically obedient in nature, she still requires more training to achieve her goal of full submission. Enjoy her squeals of delight as you tickle her sensitive feet, or the tears in her eyes as you spank her bottom from a blushing pink to a rosey red. Yumi’s one goal is to please you, Sir.

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Congratulations to Switch Zoey

Congratulations Switch Zoey on passing her Switch test! Zoey describes herself as an exotic, intelligent and confident Puerto Rican princess. This feisty Latina is known for being rebellious and wild and now with the title of Switch, her sadistic dominant side and her bratty submissive side make her the perfect sensual sadist! Visit her page to see new photos and an updated profile.

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Meet New Submissive Lorelei

Submissive Lorelei is naturally submissive and happiest when serving her dominant. Having spent a few years in the lifestyle, her need to serve and obey continues to grow. She is extremely obedient, but has been known to let her brattiness out now and then. Luckily, she also loves being punished, especially when involving floggers, paddles, or just a firm hand. As a light to medium player, she welcomes any other forms of punishment you may want to implement. Lorelei looks forward to helping you fulfill your deepest and darkest desires.

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