The Return of Mistress Mina

Splendid news! The lovely Mistress Mina is back at The Dominion! Mina is a creative and highly experienced player. She enjoys a wide range of play and her style is cutting edge. Bondage, suspension, and creative artistic role plays are some of her favorites. Mina is an expert Domina, and if need be, you will be disciplined without hesitation. Mina is excited to get reacquainted with her favorite players, as well as to enjoy new ones who are ready and willing to serve.

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New photos of Submissive Puppet

Submissive Puppet has a fantastic set of new photos on her page, with a cameo appearance by Mistress Sky. Standing at 6’1″ tall, Puppet is nothing to be intimidated by. Spanking, flogging, whipping, and tickling will make her melt with joy and the desire to serve you. Puppet is new to BDSM but this naughty schoolgirl learns fast. She enjoys light to medium play and will wiggle & giggle when you warm her tushy with your firm, commanding strikes.

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New Pictures of Submissive Ivy

Submissive Ivy has a brand new set of photos on her page. Come sample her exotic allure. Pull her black, silky hair and slap her ivory face. Though she is petite, she is quite strong for her size and loves a good challenge. Tie her up tight, or she might just find a way to slip out of your bondage. A light player, she enjoys role play, impact play, and obedience training. Teach Ivy how to serve you.

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Caged heat! New photos of Submissive Mila

Submissive Mila is a pint sized pixie who is excited by the thought of sharing in your deepest fantasies. Her desire is to make your every craving come to life. She will be your obedient pet and worship you. Please help her explore more: sensation play, role playing of all kinds, tickling, and humiliation. We must warn you that she can be a brat in need of a lot of discipline. Sometimes she get so naughty that we need to just cage her up and teach her how to behave!

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Mistress Malani… now a Domina!

What is your desire? A stern school mistress that will pull you OTK and give you a few good pats? Someone to teach you how to be a good little sub? Or maybe a naughty housewife who is in control of the home? Want to be bound and tied begging for forgiveness? Blindfolded and led around by a leash? Or just some good old fashion humiliation? Malani will smoother you, collar train you, and make sure you know you are hers when you leave. Are you worth of being allowed to worship her feet and beautiful caramel skin?

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The Dominion’s First Trans Domina – Mistress Jessica!

We are so excited to welcome Mistress Jessica, our first and only trans domina on staff! Are you ready to explore your most forbidden fantasies? Let Jessica free you from the prison of your unmet dreams and desires. She will captivate your imagination and help you to realize your innermost secrets, exploring the limits of pleasure and pain. Don’t be shy… first timers are encouraged and welcomed. Jessica loves to play with men, women, and couples, and enjoys all manner of fetishes and torments, limited only by your imagination! Mistress Jessica is available by special appointment, so contact us to schedule yours today.

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Welcome Submissive Ramona

Submissive Ramona is new to professional BDSM but eager to learn how to please you. She is a light player who looks forward to exploring and discovering her as yet unknown limits. She stands six feet tall in her stockinged feet, and taller than most men in her highest heels, but she is quick to fall to her knees and eager to gratify your command. She has a sturdy & fleshy behind and spankings make her tremble with excitement. Tickle her until she squeals or punish her until she cries! She looks forward to delighting your every whim, Sir. See Ramona’s page by clicking here.

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Introducing Submissive Leslie

Please welcome Submissive Leslie. She is new at our dungeon and want’s to learn how to serve you. She is a fairly lightly player but she loves to be spanked… a lot! She will do her best to please you and is definitely in need of some obedience training, because she can still get very bratty. She can’t wait to meet you! Visit her page for more…

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New photos of Switch Delta

The first thing you may notice about Switch Delta is her coy smile. Then you begin to notice her finely muscled arms, trim waist, toned abs and powerful legs, ending in elegant size 8 feet with lovely high arches. Tall and imposing in heels, she stands well over 6 feet. A natural Switch, Delta can handle herself quite nicely as both a top and a bottom… visit her page to find out what she has in store for you!

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